How to team ‘Print Clash’ trend without looking like a fool

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Mix & Match has been the style mantra that many of us go by, but the trends are changing, it’s no longer Mix and Match but Mix and Clash! Bold stripes, colorful floral, chic plaids, tribal aztec /ganado /ikkat.., bold geometrics, animal print, mind bending swirls and spots, et al – prints are your wardrobes bold and trendy comrades. The trend clock seems to be clicking to mismatch and clash print on print and go loud in style to create unpredictable yet chic looks.

But getting the Print Clash look can be overwhelming. How do you ensure you get the combinations right and not hurt the eyes of those around you or send them dizzy? Here is our guide to mixing and clashing contrasting prints without it being a disaster and getting the a la mode look.

Print Clash – Single print head to toe!

Print Clash – Single print head to toe! @TheRoyaleIndia

Wearing the same print from head to toe makes a bold and stylish statement. Accessorize with multi-colored sandals and beaded necklace and a sling bag. This is the perfect summer feminine look that you can adorn.

Print Clash - Monochrome look!

Print Clash - Monochrome look! @TheRoyaleIndia

White and Black can never go wrong, even in prints! Adorn this spot print top with this black and white cotton skirt. A pair of black stilettos, tie the whole look together very aptly indeed.

Print Clash - Office look!

Print Clash - Office look! @TheRoyaleIndia

A multi-printed bodycon dress that accentuates your figure paired with a multi-printed jacket is a surefire way to make an impression at the next business meeting. Complete the look with black stilettos and a sleek blue printed bag and get the au courant look.

Print Clash – With Accessories!

Print Clash – With Accessories! @TheRoyaleIndia

Are you too afraid to try out the clash of prints in your outfit? Play it safe, by using the print clash only in your accessories. Wear solid colors on your top like a black top and beige bottoms and pair it up with animal print stilettos and a printed bag.

s leo.

Print Clash – Casual Look!

Print Clash – Casual Look! @TheRoyaleIndia

These pink printed shorts paired with a white tee, is a combination I’m sure many of us have tried and tested. Add a twist to this look, by sporting this look with these super sneakers and a printed backpack. One of the many rules of Print Clash, choosing a star color, is what you’d do by carrying this look. Our star color in this outfit is without any doubt PINK! We can’t get any more feminine than this!

Carry yourself with confidence in these print clash outfits and don’t forget to have fun!

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