How to Take Care of your Precious Leather Bags

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A leather bag is a dream accessory which every girl wants to have in her wardrobe. And these ritzy bags are just too addictive. You literally need to spend a fortune to own these exquisite leather bags. It is indubitably challenging to maintain this expensive piece of accessory.

Since, leather is nothing but a type of skin, it needs its own care regime to prevent it from getting worn out. Below are some of the tips to help you in maintaining the leather bag to enhance its durability.

1. Safeguard your leather bags from humidity & heat

Keep your bags away from the excess heat conditions. The extreme temperatures can be too harmful for the texture and the colour. Be it resplendent heat or the freezing cold both do no good for the life of the bag. They result in the colour waning and texture change of the bag.

Water can literally damage your leather bags. If there is any water spillage on the bag, make sure to gently wipe off the bag to keep it dry and clean. When the skin of the bag absorbs moisture, it can result in the emanation of fungi. Thus, it is imperative to keep them dry always. You can even make the leather bags completely water resistant by using the wax sprays which are available in the market.

2. Wipe off the grit and grub on your bag

Ensure to wipe off any food stains on your precious bag. If there is any grub residue on the bag, it is best advised to clean it off immediately. They not only spoil the bag’s texture but also make it less appealing.

Well, a simple tip is to wipe it off clean by dusting some chalk powder on the stain and let it stay overnight. Next morning, clean off the chalk powder with a fluid meant to clean the leather bags. Voila! The food stain is all gone and your bag is as new as a store bought one.

3. Do not let it unused for too long!

Yes, do not let the leather bag sit in the wardrobe for too long! If you own a leather bag, make sure to flaunt it regularly. Whether you purchased it on a sale with Myntra coupons or spent a fortune on purchasing it, leaving a bag unused for too long is a sure way to spoil your precious bag. The more it sits in the wardrobe and the less often you use it, the leather tends to lose its moisture and dry out. This results in more damage and shedding of the leather.

For this reason, you may consider conditioning your leather bag. This can be done by just rubbing some Vaseline or a moisturizer or may be something similar on your bag. Yes, it is just exactly the way you take care of your own skin.

4. Store your leather bag in the right way

Do not dump your leather bag in the wardrobe. It may lessen the life of your bag. It is always best to store your bags upright and to store it either in a cotton pillow cover or a dust bag. Do not cover them in a vinyl or plastic material, it will eventually absorb the moisture and the leather tends to dry out.

Use the scarves, tissue papers or sweaters to stuff your leather bags to keep them in original shape forever. You can even use a hand bag insert which is genuinely meant for this purpose. The removable straps can be removed if you want to store them for a longer term.

5. Segregate the leather and the other fabricated bags

Do you keep all your bags in the same section of your wardrobe? Stop doing so! Leather bags have a different care regime compared to other fabricated bags as they are more prone to wrinkles, friction and tearing. Hence, it is not advisable to store the bags made of different materials along with the leather bags.

If you keep the leather bags with synthetic or the plastic bags, they tend to absorb the colour of the leather, resulting in damage and mildew. If you notice the mildew, it is always best to remove it right away. Rubbing off the bag with a mixture of equal amounts of alcohol and water can do wonders. If not, the leather spray could be a great help too.

Best generic routines for the leather bag maintenance

  • Ensure you avoid carrying the bag with dirty hands. It is good to use a lotion or a cream for your bags.

  • Wipe your leather bag regularly, at least once every week.

  • Avoid using sharp metals, zippers or pens and keep them away from the bag, this may scratch the skin of the leather resulting in damage.

  • You can always use a pouch to store all your cosmetics inside your bag. This can protect the bag from any spillage inside.

  • The ink pens or the click pens can also be put in a pouch before putting them in your bag. The liquid bottles or solutions can be wrapped in a cover before placing them in the bag just to avoid the spillage from inside.

  • A spray protectant can be a great help to make the leather breathable. It looks natural and invisible on your bag.

  • If your bag has an oil stain, sprinkle some corn starch powder on the fresh oil stain to absorb the oil and dust off any excess powder.

  • Take the worn out leather bag to a hand bag repair professional, they could possibly clean and restore the worn out parts in the best professional way. It is better to get a professional help to repair the bag, than to spend a fortune again for a new bag!

Use these cost effective tips to make your leather shine whenever you flaunt them! And if you’re on the lookout to add to you collection, check out amazing discounts on bags and purses to make the most of your shopping spree.

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