8 beneficial tips to stay healthy during Ramadan

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If you need to understand diligence, all you need to do is observe a Muslim during the holy period of Ramadan. Their dedication and belief is truly inspiring and so is their palate during this period! However, the stocked refrigerators during this period may lead to a few health concerns, so listed here a few tips on how to stay hale and hearty without compromising on the gorgeous food this Ramadan:

1. Indulge in a moderate amount of exercise

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Indulging in a light exercise during Ramadan, can get your weight under control and keep you healthy. So, if you are passionate about working out every day, you can still go about it during Ramadan by indulging in walking or some strength training just before Iftar. Just make sure to drink plenty of water after your workout session to stay well-hydrated.

2. Stay Hydrated

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To avoid feeling dehydrated, drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juices and milk after breaking your fast in the evening. Ensure that you drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water throughout the night. This will help you avoid thirst and dehydration on the following day.

3. Break your fast with dates

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Dates being a very rich source of potassium can help make up for the spent energy throughout the day. So, make sure that before eating anything that is heavy, you start your meal with a few dates along with some juice or water.

4. Caffeine May Not Be a Good Choice

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We all love to kick-start our day with our usual dose of caffeine, but if you are planning to fast in the month of Ramadan, then try skipping the addictive tea and coffee to ensure you do not have to struggle with the diuretic properties of caffeine (which can lead to dehydration).

5. Do not rush for breaking your fast

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Make certain that you do not rush to break your fast- start with dates, then quickly move on to light soups or salads, and then have a full-fledged meal. In case you feel full after the soup or salad, don’t force yourself to have the meal. Take a brief break before the meal. Beware, that overeating is one of the main reasons for bloating.

6. Choose Wisely

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Choose healthier food options like chicken, eggs, legumes, fruits, etc. over sweets and fried foods. Prepare your meals in olive oil, and try to avoid foods that are high in salt, as they will increase your thirst the following day.

7. Divide the meals

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When you have your main course, make sure it’s divided into carbohydrates, meats that are lean, and plenty of veggies and fruits. In this way, you are ensured that you are having a balanced meal.

8. Include Some Proteins in Your Suhoor Meal

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Although, skipping the Suhoor to get some extra beauty sleep may seem like a good idea, but you shouldn’t. Your fasting period prolongs when you skip Suhoor. In this case, your body will rely entirely on the last meal (i.e. Iftar from last evening) and will surely not be enough to keep you active throughout the day.

Also, ensure that you don’t stuff your belly with mindless simple sugars, but instead eat protein-rich food (eggs, fish, beans, etc.) to provide you with the energy to carry out your daily activities.

Suggestions for preparations during Suhoor and Iftar

Following are some quick meals you could easily prepare during the holy month of Ramadan:

  • You could prepare a soup made of lentils, olive oil, onions, vegetable stock and masalas. This could be a quick and healthy fix.

  • Chicken soup with vermicelli, olive oil, stock and onions is also a very tasty yet healthy option.

Fruit salad with dates ramadan healthy eating @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Since dates are a very important part of Ramadan, you could prepare quick fruit salad with strawberries, oranges, and dates or a salad made with sprouts and dates to make sure that dates are an integral part of your meals throughout Ramadan.

On an end note, hope you all have a month replete with good wishes, great health, and above all, peace.

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