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If the humdrum of packing a bag, going to the gym, being surrounded by people taking selfies with their ripped muscles is not your thing, but you still desire a healthier body, then fret not. Listed here are a few unconventional but effective ways to work your way to a fitter body without torturing yourself daily with gym equipment:

1. Loop your fitness into the Hula Loop

No Gym workout hula loop @TheRoyaleIndia


Probably one of our most favourite “toys” in childhood, the hula loop is an underrated fitness equipment. To begin, download some videos on how to hula loop and practise the beginner’s moves. Gradually, you can increase the complexity of the game, and improve your coordination, stamina, and muscle tone. A 30- minute workout can burn over 200 calories which mean that you don’t have to feel guilty about the chocolate ice-cream you gorged on yesterday! You can turn this into a family activity by including the kids, nanny, spouse, in-laws, etc. into the regime. But remember, you need to take this fun workout seriously for it to work!

2. Zumba your way to a fitter body

Gym Alternative fitness zumba class @TheRoyaleIndia


Who said getting fitter had to be painful and boring? Zumba your way to a healthier body without any monotony hitting you. An hour of dancing will not only burn around 400 calories but also stretch your muscles and strengthen your physical resolve. Grab a friend and head to the nearest Zumba class for a fun workout and if Zumba isn’t your thing, then maybe belly dancing, hip-hop, samba, jazz, or salsa can be your exercise of choice.

3. Sport a healthier body with a sport

No gym workout alternatives swimming @TheRoyaleIndia


Combine your “me” time with physical exercise in a sport like swimming, or perhaps play a team sport like cricket and enhance your social skills while you sweat out the calories. Be it a team or an individual sport; your whole body can get a thorough workout when you indulge in some active sport. Grab the brochure of the sports club near you and sign up for a healthier you right away.

4. Take the stairway to better health

No Gym workout office stairs exercise @TheRoyaleIndia


Next time you enter your building and see that the lone elevator is on the 16th floor, smile and think of it as an opportunity to improve your stamina & shed some calories. Tie your shoes, and start climbing the stairs. As you feel more confident about the climb, increase your speed and rhythmically skip a step or two while climbing to provide your legs and back more intense exercise.

5. An hour with the kid & dog

No Gym workout walk a dog @TheRoyaleIndia


Anyone with a toddler in the house knows just how strenuous it can be to keep up with the unrelenting energy of a kid. Add a hyperactive dog to the equation, and you have the most fun workout in the history of workouts. Take the child & dog to the park, play fetch or just run around in circles if you wish and get some exercise. These trips to the park can double up as a bonding exercise for you, the kid, and the dog.

6. Cycle to work

No Gym workout cycle to work @TheRoyaleIndia


If the news of New Delhi’s pollution levels has been scaring you, then cycling to work is a good way to calm your anxiety. The benefits of cycling to work are three-fold: firstly, you save money on the fare; secondly, you get to workout; and lastly, you help reduce the amount of pollution in the city. With more and more companies incorporating a shower and changing room in the premises, you don’t have to worry about being sweaty through the day.

Bike to work stay fit @TheRoyaleIndia


Some of these alternatives not only make your fitness regime fun but also provide you with the opportunity to learn something new. Apart from a healthier body & mind, the windfalls include reducing your carbon footprint, spending quality time with family, meeting new & different people, etc.

So, are you ready for a healthier lifestyle?

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