How to Save Money While Shopping Daily Necessities Online

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Happiness is in being content and contentment comes from a cozy household where family members are loving and caring,  well-fed, rooms are clean, personal hygiene standards are high and there is a parity between monthly earnings and expenses. To meet all these pre-conditions of happiness you have to ensure a steady supply of daily necessities, without overstepping the monthly budget. However, probably more often than not, a the lion’s share of your pay-check gets spent on buying grocery items, food essentials, and toiletries, leaving you baffled and frustrated regarding the expenses, and clueless about how to achieve saving goals. Local grocery stores and supermarkets do little towards resolving such financial dilemmas, offering occasional and meager discounts and limited choices of products. If you are keen on making savings on household necessities, taking a strategic approach to buying them online might help. More so because necessities take up the single largest part of the income, as mentioned above. Here is a list of ideas that you can implement, for successfully reducing monthly expenses on daily necessities. This can be achieved through online purchases.

Take Advantage of Free Delivery

One great advantage of buying daily necessities online is that you can get all the purchased items home-delivered, without any extra charges. Almost all the grocery apps in the market provide free home delivery services on bills above a certain amount. At the minimum purchase amount for getting free delivery is INR 1000 whereas at free home delivery service is available on all bills above INR 500. Instead of part-purchasing, buy all your weekly groceries together, from any one of these shopping portals to be eligible for free deliveries. This will bring commuting costs to local grocery stores and supermarkets to a minimum, adding to the savings side of the ledger.

Stay Gainful from Weekly Offers

Weekly offers are available across various grocery apps. However, you have to do some online browsing for locating the most profitable weekly discounts that address your requirements. Some apps offer special weekly discounts only on a particular day of the week and others offer discounts everyday on a specific category of products. At BigBasket, you will find a new offer announced each day of the week, valid just for the day. The same deal will not be available on the following days of the week, which bring newer discounts and rebates. One day you may find a discount on vegetables, but the next day it will be on dairy products, or on rice and pulses. A swift swipe down the homepage of BigBasket will reveal deals on offer for the day. If you find the discounted products to be the ones you have been planning to buy, savings can go up to two hundred rupees.

Keep an Eye on Latest Deals

Along with the designated grocery apps, other online shopping portals like Flipkart, Shopclues,, Nykaa and Firstcry also offer huge discounts on everyday essentials including baby products and toiletries. No matter how many apps you install, finding the best deals can still remain an elusive and overwhelming task. To simplify your searches, get a deal- finding app like CouponRaja or CompareRaja, which allows browsing offers and discounts without any hassles. Here you will also find relevant links to shopping portals for placing orders quickly. In this way, you may purchase products at their best prices, making savings up to 32% and more.

Compare Prices before Purchasing

Buying daily necessities from brick-and-mortar stores offers little chance of price comparison, forcing buyers to accept so-called ‘discount’ with closed eyes. The scenario takes a one-eighty degree turn, when you shop online. In few minutes of time, you can compare prices of staples offered at the grocery apps and order your regular fruits and veggies at lowest rates. Let’s suppose, the app you use for daily purchases is offering 1 Kg Alphonso Mangoes at INR 79 and another app is offering the same proportion of the fruit at INR 60. In addition, the second app is offering other fruits at slashed prices as well. If such is the matter, you can split your purchases between the two apps, getting regular groceries from one and fruits from the other one. Price comparisons for regular buys contribute to controlling expenditures.

Check out Combo Packs and Value Offers

The grocery apps are offer affordable combos and value packs of household products to attract more customers. The competition among them is particularly sharp. You too can profit from buying suitable grocery combos that may be, more often than not, showcased online. The vegetable and fruit baskets at Grofers are examples of combo offers.  The standard vegetable basket at Grofers consists of 2kg potato, 2 kg onion and 1 kg tomato, priced at INR 137. If you buy similar amounts of vegetables separately the total cost will be close to INR 159. Since potatoes, onions and tomatoes are needed in everyday cooking, opting for a combo pack of all three at lower than market prices will contribute to monthly savings. Similarly the Grofer’s fruit basket, priced at INR 325, contains 6 bananas, 500gm pomegranate, 500gm Shimla apple, one watermelon, one papaya and 6 sweet limes or mousambi. If purchased separately, the total price of these fruits will be no less than INR 400.

The online grocery stores are form partnerships with big brands to offer special value packs at discounts especially on bulk purchases as in the combos. Amazon Now is offering incredibly cost effective combos from Big Bazar online. Buying discounted, seasonal combo packs like 4 Lt. Mango juice or multiple packets of chips can lead to considerable savings too, as these products are frequently on demand at home. Another online retailer, Paytm Mall is offering seasonal discounts of 30% on combos of two diapers. Choosing the right combos is convenient in terms of saving time and money. Of course you can use the time saved in more productive activity—an activity that may supplement your income.

Reap Benefits from Special Offers

Some research is a must if you wish to make the most of special offers on indispensable daily items. These special offers usually come with some conditions. Quite frequently, you will come across special offers where an extra unit of a product is offered free of cost, on the condition that you buy two or more units of it. Shopping up to a certain sum can qualify you for more free products. For example, billing amounts above INR 1,500 at BigBasket, entitle you to 4 kg of onions and potatoes. Children often ask for costly snacks such as branded chips. If you purchase two packets of chips instead of one, you can avail discounts up to 10% to 15% online, under seasonal offers.

Wait for Online Sales

You can never stock up enough of on housecleaning and hygiene products like marble cleaners, detergent powders, floor-cleaners, hand-wash and dish washing bars as copious amounts of these products are used daily. If you are considering buying them in bulk, online sales seasons or offers are the appropriate time for it. Shopping apps conduct sales at different times like the middle of the month, weekends or right before festive seasons. Recently, the two day long Superhit Sale at Paytm Mall offered 30% cash back to those who purchased five or more items. From 15th to 17th of every month, Grofers runs a Mid-Month Sale offering Super Saver Deals on all items including vegetables and fruits. Time your monthly purchases with online sales to get products at much lower prices than usual. There are also clearance sales.

Choose Your Quantities Carefully

The rule of thumb for pragmatic shopping is buying as much as you need—neither more nor less. Never buy something because it is cheap, as a rule. Though buying daily essentials online is a money saving practice, we cannot turn a blind eye to the marketing tactics of online retailers. Grocery apps repeatedly offer mind-boggling discounts on bulk purchases of products that you do not need in greater quantities. For example, you may find a sale going on fragrances but no matter how attractive the prices seem, buying 5-6 deodorants together will be fruitful only if a festival like Diwali is approaching, and you are buying them as gifts for someone. You may stock up products like soaps, toothpaste, diapers and sanitary napkins during sales as they are needed every day or at regular intervals. In case there is a discount on dry fruits, raisins and cashews can be bought in greater quantities but not walnut, for example, since it turns bitter when stored for long. Though used in many Indian dishes, poppy seeds or khus khus should also be purchased in moderation, as they become rotten if stored over six months. Considering product utility and shelf life will prevent you from making impulsive buying decisions, and wasting money.

Avail First Time Buyer Offers

In India, a majority of buyers are still shopping groceries offline. In order to encourage them to convert to online purchases, the grocery apps are giving lump sum cash backs on their first purchases. Installing a new app you have been meaning to try, right before bulk grocery purchases can translate into astounding savings. Grofers is offering 20% cash back to every new user, which they can avail by applying the coupon code “GROFERS20” at the time of check out. On shopping for INR 749 or more at Amazon Now app, first time users will get INR 100 returned to them as Amazon Pay Balance. This balance can be used further for buying next round of staples from Amazon Now. Nature’s Basket offers 20% cash back on purchases worth INR 2000, just for the new shoppers.

Refer Apps to Earn

Some of the grocery apps use referral programs for business promotions. Joining a referral program and referring the app to your contacts can secure rewards. BigBasket is currently running a Refer & Earn Program, where every user is allotted a unique referral code to be distributed among contacts via mail, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. When a friend accepts the referral invite and places their first order, both the referrer and the buyer get INR 100 credited to their BigBasket Wallets. With a few rounds of successful referral completions, you will have a substantial sum in your app’s wallet to purchase groceries and other necessities. Referral programs can prove to be an effective money saving tool for those who have a long list of friends and acquaintances.

Earn Cash Backs through Coupons

Acquiring coupons is a proven method for saving sizeable sums on daily expenses. Every coupon contains a unique coupon code which has to be used at the time of checkout. You may receive coupon codes as part of promotional text messages or find one at restaurants, stores or in newspaper advertisements. Nevertheless, the best way to look for coupon codes is through coupon apps like Couponraja, CouponDunia and GrabOn. Coupon apps afford the opportunity to regain your hard earned money as cash-backs. Depending on the coupon you use, cash-back amounts can vary from INR 20 to INR 400. Every time you purchase using a coupon code, cash-backs will be credited to one of your e-wallets. Currently, GrabOn is offering a coupon code that offer a cash-back of INR 250 on minimum purchases worth INR 1000 at the BigBasket website or app. This cash-back will be credited to your BigBasket wallet. As an added advantage to users, Couponraja offers the option of getting mobile phones recharged with awarded cash backs.

Use Wallet Apps to Save More

You can also save money by ordering everyday commodities through wallet apps like Paytm, MobiKwik, and FreeCharge, etc. For example, buying products from BigBasket using the MobiKwik Wallet will help you acquire 10% cash back. Regulars at Grofers can also obtain 10% MobiKwik SuperCash on bills amounting to INR 500 or more. Paytm users shopping for the first time at BigBasket can savor an alluring lucrative of 30% cash back. FreeCharge too is helping new users of BigBasket save up to INR 200 on bills of INR 500. With so many wallets offering cash backs on daily necessities, making extra savings needs little or no brainstorming. Wallets give cash backs for all types of online purchases, bookings and bill payments. You can utilize cash backs gained from different online transactions for buying groceries, only to retrieve a part of the spent sum as cash-back once more.

Pay with Credit Cards

Making your online payments with credit cards can effectively curb expenditures on daily necessities. Some grocery apps have business ties with banks, offering discounts all year round on purchases done through their credit cards. Users of ICICI credit cards get a flat INR 200 cash back on their purchases at BigBasket on Tuesdays. Axis Bank credit card holders too can get INR 250 off on their purchases worth INR 1000 from the same shopping app, till the end of this year. Some offers on credit card purchases are valid only for a limited period. Even if you are used to purchasing daily necessities with COD payments, try not to let discounts on credit card purchases slip.

Contrary to common misconceptions, cutting down expenses on daily necessities through online shopping is not so difficult or time-consuming. Once you get accustomed to applying coupon codes and repurposing cash-backs, you will find it to be a cakewalk. Draw up your plan of action according to the unique needs and preferences of your family today and start economizing.

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