10 Creative Ways To Transform Your Old Furniture Into A New Masterpiece

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Are there many pieces of old furniture lying around in your home which you feel is junk but your mom insists on keeping them because there are a lot of memories attached to it?

Instead of trying to convince her to sell off the junk, why not showcase your creative side? With a little creativity and a LOT of hard work, you can turn any old and unwanted junk into something stylish, unique, and useful for your home. And the biggest achievement of them all will be the look of surprise on your mom’s face – PRICELESS!

To help with the same, here are some creative ideas to transform your old furniture into a new one.

  • Turn Vintage Drawers Into Side Tables

turn vintage drawers into side tables @TheRoyaleIndia

If you have some large vintage drawers or an old cupboard with drawers at home that are not of much use to you, turn them into side tables. All you need is some scrap wood, a few nuts and bolts, some table legs, and some glue along with a can of vibrant paint.

  • Transform An Old Coffee Table Into An Ottoman

coffee table into ottoman @TheRoyaleIndia

If you have an old coffee table which is not worth using as a coffee table anymore, you can repurpose it and turn it into something more useful – an ottoman. This covered or cushioned ottoman looks beautiful and can add a royal charm to your living room!

  • Make A French-Style Bench From Old Chairs

french style bench from old chairs @TheRoyaleIndia

Often we store old chairs in the backyard for they keep on mesmerising us with the carving on them. It’s time to revamp them into an indoor or outdoor bench. Isn’t it a great way to upcycle old chairs?

  • Turn An Entertainment Centre Into A Closet For Your Little Princess

entertainment centre into closet @TheRoyaleIndia

Thinking of buying a new entertainment unit but confused about what to do with your old one? We’ll tell you what to do. You can turn the entertainment centre into a useful storage solution for your daughter’s bedroom, and she sure will be happy to see her new closet.

  • Turn An Old Filing Cabinet Into A Storage Unit

filing cabinet into storage unit @TheRoyaleIndia

If you have an old filing cabinet at home that you no longer use, you can turn it into a creative storage unit to keep various tools, household items or even your kids’ toys. You could probably keep it in your garage and use it to store all your handyman tools and equipment.

  • Create A Photo Frame Out Of An Old Door With Glass Panels

photo frame out of an old door @TheRoyaleIndia

This is one of the easiest DIYs. All you need is an old door, some photos and a masking tape. Create an organised gallery wall by taping your family photos to the back of the old door. You can also use an old window. You’re probably going to need a handyman to hang this beauty on the wall.

  • Convert Your Baby’s Changing Table Into A Beverage Cart

baby changing table into beverage cart @TheRoyaleIndia

Since a changing table has a very short lifespan, not every parent has this piece of furniture in the nursery. But for those who do, there is no need to throw it out once your baby outgrows it. Paint it with the desired colour, make some alterations, and your beverage cart is ready.

  • Turn An Old Dresser Drawer Into A Bulletin Board

dresser drawer bulletin board @TheRoyaleIndia

If you have an old dresser that’s too trashy to save, you can use its drawers to make a creative bulletin board for your home. Paint the drawers, so they look as good as new. Then, cut some cork board and paste it on the inside of the drawer. Cover the board with beautiful paper, and you’re done. Hang it wherever you want!

  • Convert A Baby Crib Into A Kids Table

baby crib into kids table @TheRoyaleIndia

Another piece of nursery furniture that your baby can outgrow pretty quickly is the crib. Instead of throwing it away or stashing it in the store room you can repurpose it and turn it into an art table for your kid. You can enjoy incredible furniture offers and get a crib for your new-born and then later on, you can upcycle it into an art table for your little champ.

  • DIY A Coffee Table From A Vintage Suitcase

coffee table from vintage suitcase @TheRoyaleIndia

Do you have a vintage suitcase at home that you no longer use, but you cannot bring yourself to giving it away because there are a lot of sentiments attached to it? You can refurbish it in a few easy steps. Some patience, paint and polish would magically change the way it looks. Keep it on a stand or simply place it on a rug, and your antic coffee table is ready!

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