7 Rules To Nail The ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Look

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Do you love to see your favourite celebrities touting their au natural selfies and feel envious about how perfect they look even with their ‘just woken up from a celestial nap’ look? In reality, they have often spent up to half an hour on a chair getting makeup layered on their face.

Everyone loves a flawless and fresh look that’s not just pretty, but also natural yet polished, but it’s easier said than done! The no-makeup makeup is often a mysterious and a hard-to-achieve thing. While dramatic makeup draws attention to either lips or eyes, the au natural look does not focus on any particular area. Here, the key to finding the perfect balance between a completely bare face and “I am just out of my celestial nap” is using the products in moderation (read sparingly). Here are a few tips to make the work a tad easier for you:

  • Moisturise it well

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A good moisturiser is your best friend and will help you achieve a healthy skin. Your face needs to look well-rested and hydrated for a fresh and woke-up-like-this look. Gently apply a layer of a moisturiser according to your skin type and leave for one or two minutes before moving on to your base.

  • Using base or foundation

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If you have a fairly flawless skin, you may want to skip the foundation altogether. But if you feel like your face really needs it, use it in spots. For the au naturel look cover only the blemishes and avoid over-doing your base. You can also opt for a BB cream as they feel light and save you from a caked up look.

No-makeup look choose BB cream @TheRoyaleIndia

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Use a concealer to even out your face tone and hide those unduly spots. Blend it in gently and make sure you highlight the strong points of your face.

  • Highlight the best

No-makeup look blusher bronzer @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: jens-journal.com

Some areas of your face need more attention than the rest. You can use a matte bronzer to highlight your cheekbones, jawline and the sides of your nose for a more structured look.

  • Fake the natural flush

How to master no-makeup look @TheRoyaleIndia

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Using a little bit of blush would add the perfect soft flush that is usually seen in the morning. But use the colour that is perfect for your skin tone (to fake the natural blush) and dab gently. Only keep it to a minimum to look fresh, flush and warm look to your countenance.

  • Brow it right

No-makeup look eyebrow pencil fuller eyebrows @TheRoyaleIndia

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This is something that most women often overlook. Using a brown brow pencil (NOT black) fill in any empty hair spots with short and slanted strokes to mimic the brow hair. This step is highly crucial for a natural yet attractive appeal.

  • Define those lashes

No-makeup look eyes tightlining @TheRoyaleIndia

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Someone once said ‘eyes are the window to your soul’, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but they certainly are an important aspect of your makeup routine. Done up eyes can instantly make all the difference in the world!

To create the no-makeup look, you need to take care of your lash line. Use a brown eyeliner or kohl to tightline your lash line. Using a wee bit of clear mascara also adds a lovely touch. But be careful not to go over the board with mascara. 

  • Let your lips do the talking

No-makeup look nude lipstick @TheRoyaleIndia

Your lips should be as natural as possible. Go for a simple nude lip colour or a nude lip balm. If you still want to add a bit of colour, go for the lightest pink shade. Get your perfect nude lip color here.

Voila! You are done, and no one can even tell. Now you are ready to flaunt your out-of-bed look!

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