8 Sneaky ways to create an illusion of extra space in your living room

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The living room is that place in your house where you probably spend most of your time (and of course, the one that your guests get to experience the most), and designing a small one can be really tricky and will test your interior decorating skills. Finding the right balance in making the room appear bigger and spacious, while also trying to squeeze in extra seating is not as easy as it may sound. Also, deciding on what type of furniture to choose and where to place it, can be one tough question you need to find a solution to.

In this article we present to you 8 design tips for making the most of the available space in your living room:

1. Reflection Can Be A Bliss

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Strategically placing mirrors in a small living room can make it feel larger, even if it’s short on windows. You must place a large mirror in a central location to create a focal point and boost light. While placing a mirror behind a light source like a pendant or candle lamp can create an inviting and warm ambience; positioning it across a window can reflect light and create an illusion of another window.

2. Rethink Your Coffee Table

Two coffee tables replace one large table

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Replacing those traditional and bulky knee-knockers with two small tables, or even better, nesting tables can do the trick of creating space and allowing mobility, whenever required.

3. Draw The eye Upward

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In case, your tiny living room is blessed with a high ceiling, try to take full advantage of this space. Obviously, it can’t help you to squeeze out an extra seat, but it certainly can create an illusion of a much larger room by simply drawing the eye upward. So, paying a visit to the nearby gallery to get a few eclectic art pieces is worth!

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Another interesting way to draw the eyes upwards is using floor-to-ceiling drapes in flowing fabrics that add a soft edge to your room without making it appear bulky and stuffed.

4. Choose Clear Furniture

Glass table small living room @TheRoyaleIndia

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Experts suggest that you must invest in clear furniture that does not obstruct the view.

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Transparent furniture is known to blend seamlessly with the interiors and ensure that your already small living room does not look all cluttered up.

5. Choose The Right Sofa

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Choosing the right sofa goes a long way in making your tiny living room appear larger. You must go for sofas with a thin or no armrest at all. You can also consider replacing a full-fledged sofa with a loveseat or even 4 nice chairs.

6. Create More Seating With Backless Lounge

Small living rrom chaise lounge backless sofa @TheRoyaleIndia

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An area certainly appears bigger if there’s no visual obstruction. Sitting on a backless lounge for hours can be quite uncomfortable, but it sure is a great way to add more seating without making a room appear all stuffed-up. As these chaise lounges have no backs, they do not visually fragment the space, thus making the room appear larger than what it actually is.

7. Go Bold With Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes create illusion space @TheRoyaleIndia

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Horizontal stripes are known to create more space in a room and make it appear larger while vertical stripes make the ceiling appear higher. If you are planning to go with horizontal stripes on the walls, then try to keep the rest of the décor sparse and plain. If it doesn’t feel like your style, then try investing in a wall-to-wall-ceiling bookcase to visually expand the space and push the walls as well as ceiling out.

8. Make Every Detail Count

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Most people with a small living room lament about not being able to put their most loved possessions on display. But when chosen carefully, you can add great details to your room through geometric shelving, chandeliers, striped draperies and so much more. Surprisingly, by doing this, you will be able to draw attention to the décor, rather than the limited space.

With these living room staging ideas, you can never go wrong in making your small living room appear not just larger, but warm and inviting too.

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