How to make Rs. 6cr in 12 days

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How to make Rs. 6cr in 12 days

Can a mind sport like poker, shed light on a hot debate that’s been going on for years? Well, we believe it can. Is poker a skill based game or does it depend on luck? With the help of the Babaji, The Spartan poker (IOPC) is here to break the superstition and prove that poker isn’t a game of luck, rather a game of pure skill that needs practice for it to be mastered.

But let’s move on to a topic that’s way more exciting – the prize pool. The previous IOPC had a guaranteed prize pool of 2.3+ crores, but the total payout exceeded 3.3 crores, exciting right? This year, the IOPC is back not just with a bigger bank but also some swanky prizes. With a guaranteed prize pool that exceeds 6+ crores, yes that wasn’t a typo, 6+ Crores guaranteed in payouts and every poker player in the country is looking forward to playing the India Online Poker Championship.

Keeping aside the debate and the enormous prize pool, let’s look at what all the IOPC has to offer. A wide range of tournaments, a total number of 54 to be precise that include a number of formats like pot limit, re-entry and freeze out tournaments and that’s not all, you can find a tournament that’s best suited for your bankroll, with buy-ins as low as INR 330. Thus giving everyone an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete at the IOPC.

The main objective of the IOPC is to raise the bar and this time they clearly have, with 27+ Lakhs in leaderboard prizes that also includes a brand new Jeep Compass. Felt the tingling in your hands yet? Over the course of 10 days, players have to compete against each other at different events, gathering the highest number of points to feature themselves at the leaderboard. At the end of the IOPC, the player to top the leaderboard is bestowed with the swanky Jeep Compass.

With these many reasons to play the IOPC, what are you even doing reading this blog? Fold this page, because this is your time to raise the bar! Get your coupon code here.

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