6 DIY Natural Colours For A Skin-Friendly Holi

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Holi, the festival of colour is celebrated across the nation by people of all cast, creed and religion with utmost fervour and zest. As opposed to other festivals which are about dressing up, jewellery, gifts, sweets, brands and sophistication; Holi is simply about getting crazy. The bright colours splashed everywhere will fill your heart with joy, but have you ever given a thought about how much harm they can cause to your skin, hair and even our environment?

So, don’t you think it’s already time for us to take the natural and organic way of making colours at home? In this article we are listing 5 colours that can be easily prepared at home with simple ingredients:

1. Go Green

Mehendi holi colour green organic @TheRoyaleIndia

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What You Need: Henna powder, water and corn starch

While we are talking about going green, let’s mention about the colour green first.

How To Make The Colour: To make an organic green colour, you can simply mix henna powder (without amla, of course) with an equal quantity of corn starch to attain a lovely shade of green. This dry mehndi can be easily brushed off and will not leave any colour on your skin. Only a paste with water might leave a slight colour on your skin, but when applied to your hair, it might save the round to a saloon.

2. Sunny Yellow

Yellow colour organic haldi besan @TheRoyaleIndia

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What You Need: Haldi (Turmeric), gram flour, water and corn starch

How To Make The Colour: For a nice yellow shade, mix about 2 tsp. of turmeric powder in double the quantity of besan (gram flour). Both haldi and besan are extremely good for your skin and will keep it healthy and supple.

Alternately, you can mix 2 tsp. of turmeric powder in a bowl of corn starch and add enough water to make a thick yet smooth paste. Spread this paste on a plastic sheet for about two days and then grind it to a very fine powder for an organic and harmless colour.

3. Pumpkin Orange

What You Need: food colour (orange-red), water and corn starch

How To Make The Colour: To make a lovely sunset yellow or orange shade, you can take out that orange-red food colour out from your kitchen shelf. To get started, take half a tsp. of the food colour in a bowl of corn starch. Add just enough water to make a smooth and thick paste. Now, spread this paste on a clean plastic sheet and dry in shade for about two days. Once completely dry, break the pieces with a rolling pin and then finely grind it in a blender. Your orange-red shade is ready!

4. Deep Red

Beetroot organic colour holi @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: nutrition-rocks.co.uk

What You Need: grated beetroot, water and corn starch

How To Make The Colour: If you love the deep red colour of a beetroot, do try this amazing shade at home. Grate 2 beetroots and soak it in about a bowl of water. Now using a muslin cloth try to squeeze out as much liquid as you can. If required, add some more water to get a deep shade. Once you get your desired shade, add corn starch and start mixing it well. Add a small quantity of starch at a time and keep mixing. Once you get a smooth paste of desired consistency, spread it on a plastic sheet and once dry, run in a blender to form a very fine powder.

5. Score some brownie points

What You Need: tea, coffee and corn starch

How To Make The Colour: You will hardly find brown shade even in the chemical based Holi colours, but you can make an organic one at home without much hassle. Mix a spoonful of tea and coffee with a little water to make a smooth yet thick paste. Take this paste in a muslin cloth or a cloth napkin and soak it in a bowl containing water (this is to extract maximum colour). Repeat the procedure to ensure that you have a good and deep colour. Now add corn starch to this solution and make a smooth and thick paste. Spread this paste on a plastic sheet and once completely dry, it should be blended it to a very fine powder.

6. Feel the Blue!

Blue organic colour holi

Source: thehindubusinessline.com

What You Need: Indigo (fabric whitener), gram flour, water and corn starch

How To Make The Colour: If you love the navy blue shade, then here’s how you can make this bright and interesting shade (although not in a very organic way) at home. I am sure you must be having one of those fabric whiteners in your shelf. Just take it out and put it to some really good use.

Add just a few drops of this solution to a little water and add some gram flour to it. Make a thick paste and try to extract maximum colour using a muslin cloth. Once you have a deep blue coloured solution, start adding corn starch to it and mix well to form a thick and smooth paste. Again, spread it on plastic sheets and dry off even the last traces of moisture. Now, using a rolling pin, break it into small pieces and then grind to a fine powder.

With just a little hassle, you can ensure that you and your kids are absolutely safe on Holi!

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