How to lose weight with liquid diets

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Weighing machine, treadmill, dumbbells, skipping rope, yoga mat…. if these are some of the things that you see every day in your life, then it could be that you love to stay fit and exercise and/or you are trying extremely hard to lose some weight. So if you are fed up and tired of all of the above and you see no difference in your weight, then maybe you should try the Liquid Diet.

What are Liquid Diets?

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A Liquid Diet is a diet that mostly consists of liquids, or soft foods that melt at room temperature. So it means that, all your calorie intake is solely through drinks.

Basic types of Liquid Diet

Clear liquid diet

A Clear Liquid Diet as the name suggests consists of clear liquids like water, broth, fruit juices without any pulp, carbonated drinks, etc. These liquids are easy to digest and leave no undigested residue in your intestinal tract. This diet is however, not meant for losing weight but recommended by doctors as a short-term diet if you have certain digestive problems – such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, after certain types of surgery or before tests that require no food in your stomach or intestines.

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Full liquid diet

A full liquid diet consists of both clear and opaque liquid foods with a smooth consistency. Milk, milkshakes, cocoa, coffee, teas, plain ice cream, smooth plain milk, certain custard desserts, gelatins, strained cream soups, fruit nectar with or without pulp, coconut water or coconut milk without pulp or bits of coconut flesh, butter, honey, etc.

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How Liquid Diets work?

Liquid diets allow the body to burn fat and lose 3-4 pounds a week. A successful liquid diet program normally includes:

  • fasting period of 420-800 calories a day for 12 weeks

  • supervised eating of sensible meals

  • eating sensibly on one’s own

  • exercise program of 30 minutes per day, six days a week

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Sample Menu


  • 1 cup fruit juice

  • 1 cup strained cooked cereal

  • 1 glass of water or coffee

Morning Snack

  • 1 cup pureed fruit

  • 1 cup tea


  • 1 cup pureed vegetables

  • 1 glass of milk or soy milk

  • 1 cup broth

Afternoon Snack

  • 1 cup ice cream

  • 1 glass of water


  • 1 cup pureed fruit

  • 1 cup creamed soup

  • 1 glass of fruit juice

  • 1 glass of water

  • 1 glass of milk or soy milk

Nighttime Snack

  • 1 cup yogurt

  • 1 cup fruit juice

  • 1 glass of water

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Benefits of the Liquid Diet!

The benefits of a Liquid Diet go beyond weight loss. It also helps in detoxification – removal of toxins from the body and can perk up ones complexion and skin health.

Keep in Mind!

It is important that one consults with a doctor before going on a liquid diet.

People with history of diabetes, cardiac, and, or blood pressure problems are at risk on unsupervised liquid diets as blood sugar levels may fluctuate dramatically and the level of sodium in liquid diets is high.

Doctors may prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements for patients who take this diet.

Liquid diets are an excellent choice to lose weight for the short term. For a long-standing effect, one needs to firmly pursue a well balanced diet and exercise routine.

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