How to improve concentration in children

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The best way to concentrate is “not” to concentrate. But then, not many adults can achieve this state of mind. Then, how right is it for us to expect our children to be in full attention & focused concentration, while it is in their temperament to be easily distracted.

Each child is different, so are the tricks to improve your child’s concentration. These tips work most of the time. May be with a few adjustments, this will work out for your child as well.

Establish A Routine

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Set time for sleep, chores, homework. Figure out a routine which will suite your child. By this scenario the child will know what they are supposed to do next, hence they will concentrate on the present better than thinking of how to entertain themselves.

Promote A Healthy Diet

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In the recent days children are more inclined towards processed foods, saturated fats, and sugary foods. Studies show that foods having colors in them increase hyperactivity in children, so it is recommended to avoid such foods. Studies also reveal that diet rich in whole grains, fruits and veggies help in children’s brain function.

General Health

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The child’s concentration is also affected by his/her general health. If the child does not get enough sleep, has a bad cold, can’t see properly, has a pain in the ear, or is generally hungry, it is going to be harder for the child to concentrate. For some children what they eat and drink matter too. Hence finding out which food affects them and replacing it with something suitable for the child can help coping with lack of concentration.

Conscious effort to remove distractions from immediate vicinity

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According to experts kids under 2 years should not watch TV at all, and children older than 2 years should watch only 2 hours of TV per day. Too much of TV and Electronics can prevent children from doing intellectual and physical activities like reading, doing home work, playing outside and interacting with friends and family.

Actively participate and Help the child with scholastic pressure

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Sit with the child, when it is time for homework. Make this time exclusively to give attention to the child. Come up with creative ideas to make homework sound like a game. Reward them when they respond correctly. The prospect of reward is likely to urge them be more involved and concentrate better.

The trick to get your child concentrate better is not to emphasize on the act of concentration. Try making things a habit, it will automatically make the child attuned to concentrate better on the things that he does. Slowly distractions will diminish from his routine, and results will be visible in the child’s performance.

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