8 amazing Tips To Trim Away An Additional Chin

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From wearing a high-neck dress or a scarf to tilting the head just right while clicking those amazing selfies, we have done it all to hide that additional chin.

Although surgical procedures can eliminate a double chin permanently, but the risk (infections) and pain associated with such procedures is very high and can create a big hole in your pocket. So, is there no way that you can get rid of it? Well, there are a few home remedies (including a number of facial exercises) that can be highly beneficial. In this article we’ve rounded up a few tips that can help you tone up the sagging muscles of your chin and neck area:

1. Sugar-Free Chewing Gums

Chewing gum help reduce double chin

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In order to trim your double chin, it is important to work out the muscles in your jawline and tone your facial muscles. Chewing sugar-free gums is one of the best ways to not just chop away the excess fat from the neck area, but also help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

2. Wheat Germ Oil

wheat germ oil double chin @TheRoyaleIndia

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Regular massage of the neck area with wheat germ oil is one of the best remedies to fight a double chin. The vitamin E content of this oil will not just nourish your skin but also tighten it.

At bedtime, gently massage some wheat germ oil around the chin area in an upward motion for about 10 minutes. Let your skin absorb it overnight. Keep following this routine for at least two weeks to get noticeable results.

3. Egg White Mask

Double chin egg white mask @TheRoyaleIndia

The skin tightening effect of egg whites can help you tackle the double chin issue effectively.

Whisk egg whites from two eggs and add a tablespoon of milk, honey and lemon juice along with a few drops of peppermint essential oil and mix well. Apply this mask on your neck and chin area. Let it dry completely for about half an hour after which you must rinse it off with plenty of lukewarm water. For best results, apply this paste daily.

4. Chin Rotation

Chin rotation double chin exercise

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Chin rotation helps in toning the jaw line, chin and other neck muscles. This facial exercise is also believed to promote sleep and relieve stress (thus offering anti-ageing effect).

Start by sitting straight or standing upright and slowly bending your head towards one side. Now, gently turn your head clockwise and then anti-clockwise keeping the spine straight. Repeat 5 – 10 times at least twice a day for good results.

5. Chin Lift

Chin lift double chin @TheRoyaleIndia

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To get started with this exercise, lie face-up on your bed with your neck just on the edge of the bed. Now, slowly lift your head towards your chest by contracting the muscles in the front of the neck (you must feel the strain). Hold this position for about 10 seconds and then repeat it 3-5 times twice a day. In case you feel slight dizziness, just take a short break and sit straight for a couple of minutes.

6. Tongue Press

Double chin tongue press exercise @TheRoyaleIndia

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For this exercise, you must sit straight and tilt your head back to face the ceiling. While in this position, gently press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Hold for a couple of seconds and then lower your chin to the chest. Relax, this is one set. Repeat about 20 times in a day for maximum effects.

7. Lips Pull

Double chin lip pull @TheRoyaleIndia

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Lips pull can take away years from your face and offer you a prominent jawline that you always dreamed of.

Sit straight with your head in normal position and then try pushing your lower jaw out to lift your lower lip as much as you can. Hold this posture for about 10-15 seconds and relax. Repeat the set at least 10 times for maximum effects.

8. Sky Kissing Pose

Double chin sky ceiling kiss @TheRoyaleIndia

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To feel the stretch and strain on your neck, tilt your head back to face the roof. Try to kiss the roof by puckering your lips. Try to extend your lips as far away from your face as you can. After holding in this position for about 5 seconds, relax your lips and lower the chin. Repeat two sets of 15 repetitions each for visible results.

When there are so many home remedies to get rid of a double chin, why to go for a surgical procedure!

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