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Are you trying your best to get more “Like”-s on Instagram? Are you disappointed that your pictures never get as many like-s as you would love to have? Some strategies and tips discussed below might be able to help you.

Top 15 Tips & Tricks for Getting More Like-s on Instagram:

1. Pictures should be Impressive:

You might think this goes without saying. But there are many who completely disregard this primary criterion. An expensive DSLR camera is not essential for making an amazing Instagram post. You can take pictures in basic cameras, but you must ensure that the focus and lighting are okay. Most modern smartphones have good cameras and can take awesome pictures. Aesthetically pleasing pictures are bound to get more Like-s.

2. Local Hashtags Should be Used: A surefire way of getting more likes on Instagram is to use local hashtags. You can find the most popular local accounts and do a quick research on the hashtags they have been using for their pictures. There is a fair bit of chance that, on using these hashtags, you would be able to connect with more people and get more Like-s.

3. Popular Hashtags are Effective: Popular hashtags help you reach a large number of Instagram users, which means your photos will be seen by more people. This, in turn, will result in more Like-s. However, this might not be effective if you wish to reach users located near you. Though these like-s might not certify the quality of your pictures, but these make you feel good and boost the credibility of your account.


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4. A location should be tagged: If you tag a location in your pictures, more and more people from your area get to see your pictures more easily. It will be helpful if you tag a general location and not a specific one like a movie theater. Tagging a location increases your chances of getting like-s from the entire area.

5. Quotes bring more Like-s: It can be difficult to think about various contents to post. Quotations happen to be an engaging form of content. Usually posted as clean text on a clear background, quotes are easily readable and quick to grab attention. Quotes with which your followers can relate will get your more Like-s. You can write your own insights or search for relevant quotes from Google.

6. Posts Need to be Consistent: If you maintain a regular series of content consistently, you have chances of getting more Like-s on Instagram. Consistent posts engage your followers continuously, help you gain more followers, and assist you in achieving an optimum engagement level while allowing you to grow steadily. Long periods of absence and silence can decrease your number of followers and also their engagement on future posts. See to it that you minimize this threat by posting more or less regularly.

7. Choose High-Traffic Hours for Posting: If you post content when most people are logged on to Instagram, you will have high chances that more people will see it. More views lead to more likes. Instagram posts made after 9 pm have high chances of being seen and liked, as people are usually free around that time after they complete their work. As the night progresses, the volume of people on social media increases. Posts made around this time get more likes. This also has a ripple effect as the Instagram feed is not a chronological one any longer. Pictures with larger volume of interactions increase the probability that they will appear on the feeds of your followers. This, in turn, will lead to more Like-s.

8. A Question Brings more Like-s: Most high-engagement posts on Instagram have a question as their caption. A relevant question in the photo caption is highly engaging and gets the viewers thinking. Those who have already engaged with one of the posts by commenting (i.e. replying to your question) will also like the post. This is a habitual phenomenon that helps in getting more like-s on Instagram.

9. Post with #foodgram hashtag: Pictures of tempting food items posted with hashtag #foodgram will be viewed by a large number of people which is the basic criterion for getting more Like-s. Foodgram is a popular hashtag used by people from all corners of the world while posting mouth-watering pictures of various kinds of cuisine. The popularity of the foodgram hashtag should be used for earning a higher number of Like-s, especially if you are a food photographer by profession or passion, a chef by profession or passion, a restaurant owner, a food blogger, or just a foodie.


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10. Get the most out of Trending Topics: One trend or the other is always creating ripples on social media. Whether that is a latest news topic, Facebook video, or meme, each presents a lucrative opportunity for you to leverage and get more Like-s on Instagram. Top-of-mind, relevant, relatable, and funny content is bound to generate more like-s and comments.

11. Post Promotions and Discounts: If you are using Instagram to grow your business, you can boost sales by posting promotional offers and discounts. A picture of your product with a simple text like “20% discount this weekend” attracts people easily. A large number of people will like it and save it to remember it later. You can also offer discounts for people who follow you. This will increase your volume of followers which implies more like-s from these followers in the long run.

12. Actively engage your authentic audience: Consciously working towards actively engaging the real audience requires you to shift your focus from fake users. This enables you to make good use of the genuine users. You can actively engage the real users by replying to their comments and tagging influential people in the captions of pictures they might feel like liking. Active engagement of authentic audience is bound to increase the number of like-s.

13. Link your Instagram: Linking your Instagram with the other social accounts, your blog, and your website is going to be helpful in getting more like-s. Sharing Instagram posts on Facebook is easy and quick. Instagram posts can be shared easily on Twitter as well, although the description needs to be customized to attract the Twitter audience. If you want to link Instagram with your website, you can link to your profile via social sharing links or buttons. You can embed the individual posts into the blog posts you would write.

14. Adapt to the audience: You must adapt to the audience along your growth. On studying each picture that you have posted, you will be able to find out the ones that got more like-s and the ones that got more comments. You can also find out the links in the descriptions that got more clicks and the themes that are working. You should start focusing more energy and time on themes that have been working. Often, a larger audience can be drawn by shifting away from the portrayed brand image. This shift helps you get a larger audience and thus a large number of like-s on a regular basis.

15. Run Contests: User interaction programs and contests can be run to hook audience. Simple contests involving comments or like-s can work well.

In a nutshell, focus on posting high-quality pictures, using popular hashtags, and capitalizing on high-traffic hours for getting more Instagram like-s.

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