This Diwali, Go Eco-Friendly

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Diwali is the time for celebration, family get-togethers and parties. The enthusiasm and celebratory spirit that this festival brings is simply unmatched. But do you often find a difference in the way Diwali was celebrated when you were a child? Well I do. With changing times, earthen diyas are replaced by electric illumination, while chocolates have become the new substitute for homemade sweets.

Amidst all the festive fervour of Diwali, we fail to recognise that these changes not only affect our pockets but also our environment and put our health at stake. Shouldn’t we find a sound, safe and eco-friendly way of celebrating this Festival of Lights without softening our spirit?

We have rounded up 7 tips on how to celebrate Diwali eco-friendly way without losing its charm:

1. Community Celebration

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You can bring more closeness, excitement and bonding among your peers by encouraging community celebration (friends and family). It not only adds more joy to the entire celebration but also reduces your individual cost and the amount of pollution caused.

2. Go Green With Eco-Friendly Crackers

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As a child I used to love fireworks, the sound and colourful lights would mesmerise me to an extent that I was never bothered about the pollution caused. However, one cannot ignore the problems faced by elderly people and the oblivious animals during the time of celebration. By the mid night of Diwali the whole country resembles a chimney.

It’s time to start loving our environment and opt for eco-friendly crackers. These fireworks are made up of recycled paper, emit less smoke and the noise produced is within the decibel limits set by the Pollution Board.

3. Go Earthy With Diyas

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This Diwali instead of electric illumination, go for the traditional lightening of earthen diyas or oil lamps. These earthen diyas are bio-degradable, cost you pennies and still look stunning. Also, you don’t need to worry about the sky-high electricity consumption due to the extra electric lightings.

4. Give Back to the Society

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We are all part of a society where under-privileged also co-exist with us. This Diwali why not give them a reason to smile, a reason to celebrate and a reason to feel loved. When you clean up your house, take out time to give your old clothes, books, toys and household items to an orphanage or a shelter house. The happiness will be beyond what my words can express.

5. Organic Gifts

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We love to share gifts with our loved ones; this Diwali try going green with your gifts too. Unlike the popular belief that there are only a handful of such options, there are hundreds of options available in the market; organic soaps, organic teas, spices, coffee and plants are some of the most popular ones. Yes, ornamental plants make for an amazing Diwali gift for someone you love and care for.

In fact, those with a creative mind can craft something unique and surprise their loved ones. Also, keep in mind to use jute bags or paper wraps instead of those shining wrapping papers.

6. Eco-Friendly Decor

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Every heart is filled with so much enthusiasm when decorating the house for Diwali, such is the charm of this festival. Try making eco-friendly kandils, lanterns, lamps and so much more with papers.

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Making Rangoli is one more fun way of decorating your house for Diwali; and just for a change make beautiful patterns using fresh flowers and flower petals.

Invite friends over, relish on sweets and enjoy Diwali to the core; but never forget that an excess of anything is bad. Do not ignore the potential hazards that our planet bears due to the pollution we create. A little caution can keep it lush and green forever!

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