How I made it A Hi-Tech Valentine’s Day?

February 4, 2014 How I made it A Hi-Tech Valentine's Day? @TheRoyaleIndia 752 0 0

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Being a techie, I was always hooked onto my station and never really had a girlfriend; as a matter of fact I used to even rarely talk with girls.

It was in the summer of 2010 that we met during our college re-union and as usual I was wandering around my computer labs and checking out the new devices installed. That’s when for the 1st time in my life I saw this girl, a girl whose beauty can be compared to the Graphics rendered on my LED Display and whose eyes blinked like the LCD bulbs fitted on my modified CPU. She stood apart from those next gen systems I was around. The next thing I realized I was for once in love with a girl.

As days passed by, we started to chat and then met, becoming the closest of friends. Slowly and steadily we started spending more time together. I got to know her better – her likes and dislikes what she loves the most and what she hates. Then within a few weeks, it was the biggest day for all couples, the day when broken hearts were mended and new ones experienced joy like the drops of the first shower on your face. Yes, the very same day that we all know about – Valentine’s Day.

Ipod A perfect valentine gift @TheRoyaleIndia

Like all other guys even I wanted to do something different which makes her feel special; so special that she understands she means the world to me. So, having at my disposal a few G’s I decided to buy her a new iPod Touch, which was luckily available in Pink, her favorite color. Trust me guys, you seriously got to keep a tab on every minute detail of her likes because you wouldn’t want to spoil her mood on that day for sure. Filling it with her favorite songs and also adding a few romantic tracks spiced up things a bit. Also, I added a collage which I made for her, the time which we spent together, a small video with an amazing background music playing, reliving each and every treasured moment together. It was simply awesome. She was just looking adorable with happiness filling her cute pink cheeks matching her new iPod. Expressions itself showed she was madly in love.

That just wasn’t it. I had another surprise for her. After taking her out for dinner, she got an email, an email which stated that her own personal domain had been registered. She jumped in surprise, hugged me tightly. I had no idea what had happened and asked her. She said she never had imagined she would have a website of her own name. I inquired if she had checked it out. Immediately she grabbed her smartphone out of her pocket and started browsing.

A website for valentine @TheRoyaleIndia

And then the prime time which I had been waiting for was finally unraveled. On the homepage was a picture of both of us, sipping coffee and sharing a light moment. I had designed a flash video of some images I had taken and then designed the website all pink and red. The cursor was a heartbeat which was indeed beating fast like the way my heart was beating at that time. I didn’t know whether she loved my idea of putting this all online, as it was the only way I could express my love for her. She was glued into her mobile, as I wondered what she was doing. After reading the poems which I had written for her and after browsing through the content on her website, she slowly looked into my eyes, with tears rolling down her cheeks, making the atmosphere filled with joy and happiness as she finally said those words, which would make us a happy couple for a lifetime.

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