How about your heartbeat as your new password?

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Well, technology upgrades are offering a new way to secure your personal gadgets and gizmos making passwords a matter of the past. So, be it your iPad, vehicle or even your iPhone, a band secured on the wrist is slated to secure your devices with your heartbeat. That’s definitely interesting!!

Nymi is the name given to the new wristband is capable of identifying the user’s identity through electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors which will monitor the heartbeat and authenticate your personal devices with it. Developed by Bionym, a Toronto-based company, it is believed that peaks and valleys deciphered in the heartbeat are pretty hard to imitate when compared to fingerprints or facial recognition and other biometric parameters.

How it Works:

To authenticate the user’s identity initially, the user has to touch the sensor on the top of the wristband for just two minutes. This enables the Nymi to record the ECG signature and store it and once done, this will be the only signature recognized to operate other devices. Also, Nymi is equipped with gesture capabilities making it more user- friendly.

Passwords are a Matter of Past with NYMI

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