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Revamp your home with Zen interior design ideas!

Peace, tranquillity and a sense of well-being… home is that one place where you look forward to experiencing all of this. Did you know that you can enhance these qualities by relooking at the way your home décor is done? Zen interiors will change how your home looks and how you feel in it.

What is Zen Interior?

Zen interior design seeks inspiration from Japanese interiors that are minimalistic and steeped in tradition. Does that mean your home will be stripped off its grandeur and luxury? On the contrary, Zen interior adds an aura of elegance and sophistication through its minimalist designs. It keeps you one with nature and gives you a feeling of peace.

Already wishing for a Zen home? Here’s what you should do –


de-clutter unwanted furniture and objects for Zen Makeover to your home @TheRoyaleIndia

Start off by de-cluttering your home and doing away with unwanted furniture. Replace bulky pieces with sleek and minimalistic ones. Ensure you choose furniture that is made from natural materials. Furniture made of wood and bamboo will be a perfect fit.


Add some Zen Colours to Revamp your home @TheRoyaleIndia

The colour palette for Zen interior revolves around earthy shades and pastels. Colours like leafy green, tan, off white, beige, mauve and amber work well. Keep your walls and linen in this colour palette and you will notice a difference in the ambience immediately.


Zen Accesorises @TheRoyaleIndia

Keep your home accessories and decoration items simple. Use single classic pieces like a vase or a simple painting to add contrast to your rooms. Avoid ornate things that look heavy to the eye and will interfere with the calmness of the room. Asian statues, paper lamps and lanterns, potted plants with big leaves and fresh flowers will add that feeling of oneness with your surroundings.


Revamp your home with some Zen Storage @TheRoyaleIndia

You want your home to look free of anything that’s unnecessary. But that doesn’t mean you give away all of your belongings! Create ample amount of storage space, and that includes your kitchen too. Keep visible surfaces free of stray items.


Wooden flooring for a Zen revamp @TheRoyaleIndia

The key is simplicity, so choose solid flooring like a wood finish or porcelain tile finish. The furniture shouldn’t be too high. It should be closer to the floor. But ensure it is slightly elevated to ensure easy cleaning of your floor.


Low to Medium lighting for Zen Makeover to your home @TheRoyaleIndia

Correct lighting can make or break the look of your interior. With Zen interior, your lighting should be from mid to low level. Exchange bright lights on the ceiling with low lights, concealed lights and LED strips.


Symmetry and Balance @TheRoyaleIndia

The balance in your mind is a reflection of the balance in your surroundings. Symmetry creates a feeling of harmony. Arrange your home décor is a way to maintain symmetry and balance within each room.

Can you picture what your home will look like after you give it a Zen makeover? You must be feeling relaxed already. Now you know why so many luxury spas and retreats incorporate Zen décor!

In this fast-paced life where life whizzes past you, it is a respite to come home to relaxation and positivity. Create your own Zen-inspired home and enjoy the peace.

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