Home Security Systems That You Should Be Aware Of

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Going on a holiday? But, what if someone breaks into your home while you are away? No, that’s not a joke. That’s a possibility. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to stay home locked up 24/7. Of course, you can enjoy your holiday, but make sure your home has the right security systems installed to prevent unauthorized access to your property. Below are a few security systems that you should be aware of:

CCTV camera

CCTV cameras @TheRoyaleIndia


It’s presently the most widely used surveillance system for homes and commercial properties. The system should be installed inside as well as outside the house, ensuring that it covers the entire property. Common types of CCTV cameras include, but are not limited to, dome cameras, infrared/night cameras, IP/Network cameras and Varifocal cameras. All of these cameras have their own benefits and serve a specific purpose. Therefore, when choosing a CCTV system, make sure you seek assistance from an expert.

Alarm System

Alarm system @TheRoyaleIndia


As soon as an unauthorized entry into your property is detected, the system emits a loud alarm. Interestingly, most of these alarm systems can be integrated with several other security products, thereby ensuring complete protection for your home.

Biometric Door Lock

Biometric door lock @TheRoyaleIndia


These door locks operate on fingerprint patterns, which restrict unauthorized access to your property. The lock is easily configurable and the installation takes not more than a few minutes. Every access made is recorded.

Smoke Detector

Gas Leak Detector @TheRoyaleIndia


Fire outbreaks can cause a serious damage. No doubt, keeping a fire extinguisher at hand is definitely a good thing to do. But, what if things seem to go out of control? Smoke Detectors can help prevent such situations. These detectors emit a siren as soon as smoke is detected. However, it’s recommended that the batteries be changed every 6 months for better functionality.

Emergency Power System

Emergency Power System @TheRoyaleIndia


You’ve already got a CCTV camera installed, a alarm system set up and a smoke detector placed inside the kitchen. But, that’s not where it all ends. An emergency power system can fall handy at times of power blackouts, as that’s when thieves love having a stroll around your house. These systems don’t cost you a fortune and easily last for hours on a single charge.

Security Lights

Security Lights @TheRoyaleIndia


Installed on the exteriors of a home, these lights are equipped with a built-in sensor which activates only when a movement in detected. As a result, the lights are not always on and therefore are highly cost effective.

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