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For someone who has been trying to lose weight from practically the time she (moi) was born, I am known as an expert on weight loss…….. advice (mostly what I have heard from my mother) though following none of it until quite recently. End of 2013 and beginning of 2014 started with a vengeance of FINALLY losing all that fa.. extra muscle because a tent was all that was going to fit thanks to the shrinking sizes of women and clothes.

Advice to the we-wear-XS-clothing-yet-we-are-gonna-cry-about-our-weight- Do NOT EVER call us ‘nicely plump’ or ‘healthy’ or tell us ‘it shows prosperity’ because if you do, the next sentence for you will be, ‘Here lies *you*. Got hit by a tent’.

So I am going to give you some of my mother’s advice to lose weight-

First, get a reality check. If you are overweight, then that outfit will show. Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) online. Just type BMI Calculator on Google and check if you fall in the underweight, normal, overweight or obese category. That was my reality check along with that dress which tore when I was just stepping out. Just start the journey already.

The Start- When you finally start, click a selfie in your underwear. After a few months do the same and compare. You will be amazed at the difference which will motivate you to keep going. Also keep on reading weight loss stories, weight loss books, weight loss blogs to understand weight issues and recipes of healthy food which turn out to be quite tasty.



eat but intelligently @TheRoyaleIndia

eat but intelligently


Eat Eat Eat– Control your portion size and eat more but small meals a day. When out, why not get half the dish packed to be eaten the next day? Always have a vice day in the week to have your favourite foods. If you can’t wait for that one day and NEED that fix, then make sure it is just a bite/ sip or two. Wait for 15-20 minutes and you will be surprised how easily you managed to curb that life threatening craving. If you know that you have an important mid week outing, then make sure that the days leading upto it are filled with extra bursts of energetic workouts and healthy choices. You will be proud of yourself when that day arrives.

Do not follow any fad diet. Our bodies are not used to just munching on leaves the entire week. The weight that you will have lost in one week will come back with vengeance the very next day. I am not saying you should eat only lettuce. What you eat should satisfy your body AND mind. Make your choices as healthy as you possibly can.

It is your choices that will help you in this journey. Choice of not listening to critics, choice of ordering that grilled dish, choice of walking everywhere including in your own home, choice of drinking water, choice of replacing that after meal sweet fix with a refreshing juice.



water zero cal beverage @TheRoyaleIndia

water zero cal beverage


Drink up- Beverages have always been the silent culprits in weight gain. Have water (Zero Calorie). Get the ‘Water your body’ app to remind you to drink water. Coconut water is extremely tasty and available in abundance in our country, so go out for a walk and look for some. Fresh juice with no sugar definitely has some calories but it’s better than most. However, having the fruit is healthier as juice contains only natural sugars and no nutrients. If you prefer diet drinks then read up about them. Alcohol consumption should be reduced. Cut down on beer and mixers and you should be fine.

self workout @TheRoyaleIndia

self workout

The Non- Gym WorkoutThe most important step. If you hate working out in the gym or get conscious, why don’t you look for classes for something that you actually like doing? For example, if you love dancing look for Bollywood classes or Zumba. You love martial arts, why not join them with the added advantage of learning self defense? If you don’t know what you like then just start off with a walk. Keep on increasing the time and speed, everyday. Do yoga. It is a lazy person’s workout. Do what you like. This way you will never skip your workout.

Workout buddy– Do NOT get one. You will soon start depending on him/ her and give up when that person does.

dont measure weight loss @TheRoyaleIndia

dont measure weight loss

STOP COMPARING! Everybody’s body is different. You may not realize it, your scale might not show it, and you might not lose weight as fast as you want but your clothes might feel a little more comfortable.

There will be days when there will be no weight loss, but you should always remember that the weight loss plateau always hits everybody. You might lose inches but not kilos. If everything that you are doing is as healthy as possible then try on that tight outfit you bought last year. It might fit you and the motivation that you will get from that will be unparalleled. Just be happy, have a positive outlook, and the weight will drop. Don’t overdo it, don’t crash diet. You would rather lose weight slowly and not gain it all back at once than lose it in a month and gain double, right?

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