Here Are 10 Handy Tips To Cure A Hangover After A Night Of Binge Drinking

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Spending the night painting the town red with friends seems like the perfect way to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s or any other party, right? Club hopping and binge drinking are all a part of the festivities.

A little boozing seems like a fun thing to do until you wake up with a pounding head the next day. Excessive drinking dehydrates the body, upsets the stomach and causes nausea. No wonder you feel like you have been run over by a bulldozer when you wake up the morning after. You feel like all your energy has been sapped. Each and every muscle in your body revolts!

If you’re planning a big night out for Christmas and New Year’s Eve be sure to keep these pointers in mind for the morning after. They will help in preventing and dealing with a horrible hangover.

1. Drink as much water as possible:

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Do you know that alcohol dehydrates the body! To avoid this, it is recommended to begin and end your night of tipple with lots and lots of water. In fact, it’s better to match every glass of cocktail you drink to 2 glasses of water.

2. Drink other fluids as well:

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Drinking only water isn’t enough to replenish your dehydrated body. You need to consume other electrolyte-rich fluids as well. Sports drinks, coconut water, watermelon juice, pineapple juice are some of the options available to restore the Sodium and Potassium that your body has lost.

3. How about some eggs and toast:

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After a night of binge drinking, do feast on eggs and toast. Eggs are rich in Cysteine, a proteinogenic amino acid that counteracts the effects of acetaldehyde, the result of alcohol intake that makes us feel sick. And toast is rich in carbs which ensure that alcohol gets absorbed into your blood stream at a slow rate.

4.Take an aspirin Or paracetamol:

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Ease the throbbing head with a pill or two depending on the severity of the pain. Aspirin will help alleviate not only your headache but other aches and pains related to a hard night of partying as well.

5. Consume sugary drinks in between you cocktails:

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The fructose that’s present in sugary beverages speeds up the metabolism rate of alcohol, thereby reducing the chances of a hangover. Try sipping on some clear fruit juices like orange and watermelon between cocktails.

6. Ginger is much needed antidote:

hangover remedies eat ginger @TheRoyaleIndia

Ginger is an excellent antidote to reduce nausea and vomiting. After a night of binge drinking, try chewing on crystallised ginger. Hangovers sometimes result in upset stomachs. Ginger helps settle things down. Taking a cup of ginger tea is also helpful.

7. Eat bananas and pretzels

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Bananas and pretzels! Seems like a weird combination right? But studies have shown that eating pretzels and bananas can cure a hangover. Both these foods are rich in electrolytes that retain water to decrease dehydration.

8. Best homemade remedy to restore electrolyte balance:

hangover remedies orange juice drink @TheRoyaleindia

This tried and tested homemade solution can actually do wonders on those after-party mornings. It replenishes starch, sugar, sodium, and potassium to your dehydrated body. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of salt and eight teaspoons of sugar into 5 cups of water.

  • Add half a cup of orange juice and mix well.

  • Store the concoction in a cool place and keep sipping this solution through the day.

9. Load up on Vitamin B Complex:

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Alcohol tends to reduce vitamins (especially vitamin B12 and folate) and salts in the body. Popping B complex supplements replaces the nutrients lost after a night of drinking.

10. Catch up on some sleep

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The best medicine for curing a hangover is to sleep it off if you have the luxury to do so. After a night of drinking, people usually tend to sleep poorly. Alcohol puts you to sleep in a jiffy, but when its effect begins to fade a few hours later, the withdrawal affects your body which can disturb your sleep and wake you up. Additional zzzzzz’s are just what your alcohol induced body needs.

In the end, the only sure-shot way to treat a hangover is PREVENTION. It’s recommended to limit your drinks to not more than one every hour. So the next time you are out partying, think before you order another round.

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