10 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Dark, Pigmented And Scaly Lips Naturally

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Luscious and soft lips are something that every woman desires and would die for! Naturally pink lips can make your smile even prettier, but somehow we don’t get our dream lips and have to struggle with dry and pigmented ones. But don’t be disheartened, there are some home remedies that can help you get smoother, fuller, and pinker lips. But before we hop on to the remedies, let’s understand what causes this pigmentation.

What are the causes of pigmented and dry lips?

smoking effects on lips

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Our lips are quite sensitive, and factors like pollution, sun exposure, not drinking enough water, too much tea/coffee, smoking, stress, unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle, etc. can increase melanin production, thus leading to pigmentation.

How To Get Pink Lips:

If you want to get rid of dark lips, stop fretting and mindlessly getting those expensive products! We have compiled ten do-it-yourself remedies that will help you get desired results naturally:

1. Lemon Honey

Lemon honey moisturise lips

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We all are aware of the skin lightening (bleaching) properties of lemon. When it can work on our face, it definitely will lighten our lips as well. Honey, being a natural moisturiser will help make your lips soft and supple.

How to go about it:

You can apply lemon juice on your lips at bedtime and leave it overnight.

You can mix lemon and honey in equal proportion and apply on your lips and again, leave it overnight.

2. Olive Oil and Sugar

Olive oil sugar dark lips remedy

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It is crucial to exfoliate lips to get rid of the dead and dry skin, and natural brown sugar is one of the best scrubs you can find in your kitchen.

How to go about it:

Make a natural scrub by mixing two spoons granulated brown sugar with olive oil. Apply this paste on your lips and scrub gently in circular motion.

3. Raspberry, Honey and Aloe Vera

Raspberry honey aloe vera dark lips remedy

Berries like raspberries come packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that can help keep your lips luscious and healthy.

How to go about it:

Prepare a paste by mixing raspberry juice, aloe vera and honey in equal quantity. Apply this paste on your lips and let it stay for about 10-15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and follow at least thrice a week for visible effects.

4. Strawberry and Baking Soda

Strawberry baking soda dark lips remedy

Baking soda is bliss for your skin and can be used in different ways for different areas.

How to go about it:

To use baking soda on lips, mash a strawberry well and mix it with half a teaspoon of strawberry. Apply the paste on your lips using an old brush or even fingers and scrub gently. Be sure to be gentle on your lips.

5. Beetroot Lip Balm

Home made beetroot balm remedy dark lips

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Do you like the pinkish-red colour of beetroots? Well, if you do, then make this simple natural lip balm that’s packed with vitamin C and rich moisturiser to help keep your lips luscious.


Olive Oil


Beetroot powder


Mix beetroot powder to melted and warm beeswax and olive oil. Stir the mixture well till uniform. Transfer it to an old lip balm container or small bottle and place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

6. Rose Petals, Milk and Honey

Rose petal milk honey dark lips remedy

Rose petals are known for their anti-inflammatory property which along with honey and milk soothes your irritated skin and reduce sun damage.

How to go about it:

Soak rose petals in raw milk for a couple of hours and then grind them to a smooth paste. Add a teaspoon honey to this paste and apply on your lips. Wash it off after 5-10 minutes for soft and supple lips.

7. Chocolate Treatment

Chocolate lip treatment dark lips home remedy

Chocolate comes packed with anti-oxidants resveratrol which inhibits melanin production, thus preventing pigmentation of the lips. Cocoa butter, on the other hand, can provide the much-needed moisture to your chapped and parched lips.


  • Cocoa Butter – 1 tsp.

  • Chocolate chips – ½ tsp.

  • Vitamin E Capsule – 1

How to go about it:

In a double boiler melt cocoa butter and chocolate chips and add the oil from a vitamin E capsule to this paste. Let it cool a bit and then transfer to a dry container. Once completely cool, you can apply it on your lips regularly to get rid of dryness

8. Coriander

Crush coriander apply dark lips home remedy

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We add green coriander leaves to our curries for that punch and fresh taste, but did you know that the same leaves contain a compound called Umbelliferone which can help you get pinker and luscious lips?

How to go about it:

Crush a few coriander leaves and try to extract the juice and apply it your lips. Let it stay for about half an hour and then wipe with a damp washcloth. For best results, repeat daily.

9. Almond Powder and Milk

Almond powder milk dark lips home remedy

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Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants, fatty acids, phytosterols, and vitamin E and B, and when combined with raw milk or fresh cream, can do wonders for your skin and help you achieve your dream lips.

How to go about it:

  • In a small bowl mix raw milk and powdered almonds to form a smooth paste

  • Apply this paste on your lips and gently massage for a couple of minutes

  • Let it dry for about 5 minutes and rinse with water

PS: If you have really dry lips, try replacing raw milk with fresh cream

10. Almond Oil and Coconut Oil

Almond oil coconut oil moisturise lips

The fatty acids present in coconut oil creates a barrier and lock-in the moisture, while almond oil helps rejuvenate the dead skin cells. This remedy not only prevents chapping of lips but also treats the dry and lifeless lips.

How to go about it:

Take a small bowl and mix equal quantity of coconut oil and almond oil. At bedtime, apply this mixture on the affected area and massage for about 5 minutes. Leave it overnight and rinse with lukewarm water the next morning.

These home remedies will help you get rid of the pigmentation on your lips, but it is also crucial that you make the necessary changes in your daily routine to maintain their beauty!

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