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Are you horrified at the outburst of acne on your face? A couple of visits to the dermatologists, a shelf full of acne removal creams, face washes, cleansers and moisturizers but still no clear skin!! Why not attempt some home remedies and get clear skin in a few weeks?

Easy to follow and extremely convenient too!! Mind you!! You just need to dig into your kitchen shelves and your refrigerator and use them as we suggest you how to. Believe us when we say they are time tried and tested…. They work magically…..Be regular in using them!! All the best

Honey and Cinnamon

honey & cinnamon @TheRoyaleIndia

Mix some cinnamon powder in honey and apply it on your face. Leave it on for some time before washing it out. Honey is full antibacterial properties which help in clearing off the ace while cinnamon works to reduce the inflammation of the skin due to acne eruption. Do make sure you opt for good quality pure honey if you are planning to buy a bottle especially for acne.


lemon @TheRoyaleIndia

Full of vitamin C, lemon juice is acidic in nature which helps in destroying the harmful bacteria. Squeeze some lemon juice on a ball of cotton and directly apply. Known to sting slightly, you could even dilute it a little either with water or honey for minimizing the sting.


tomatoes @TheRoyaleIndia

Opt for a slice of tomato, preferably fresh, firm and juicy red and place it directly on the acne or make its pulp and apply it all over your face. Tomatoes are also acidic in nature and help in drying up the acne. They are full of lycopene and vitamins A, C and K which are commonly used in medical formulations for treating acne. It’s best to go natural…isn’t it?


slices of potatoes @TheRoyaleIndia

Believe it or not!! A fried potato can be the cause of acne but not a raw potato. Shred the raw potato and apply it directly on the acne prone area and watch how wonderfully it works. Potatoes contain vitamin B and C along with niacin which helps to lighten the skin affected due to the sun and hyperpigmentation. Apply raw potato regularly and watch your skin become lighter, tighter and even wrinkle free!!


Garlic @TheRoyaleIndia

Frequently used to provide strong pungent flavour to meals, garlic is a great antibiotic and an anti-fungal agent. Make a paste of crushed garlic cloves with water and apply it on your acne. Do this regularly and watch your acne disappear.


Cucumber @TheRoyaleIndia

You could be associating the cucumber with your daily salad or sandwich. Why not mash/grind a piece of it and apply it on your acne, doubt if you need additional water to make a paste of it. Full of natural water, cucumbers work wonderfully to remove the excess oils in your skin and moisturize it naturally.


neem leaves @TheRoyaleIndia

Though, extremely bitter in taste, neem is a wonderful remedy to clear acne and its scars. Apply a paste of dried neem leaves powder on the acne area and watch your skin become clearer and acne free. You could even opt for taking neem capsules for a month or neem tea which is easily available at medical stores. In India, neem trees are found in almost every housing complex, all you need to do is pluck a few of its branches, wash and dry the leaves in shade then powder and store them in a dry container for use.

General tips to keep acne at bay

Besides these home remedies, do remember to eat healthy food, stay hydrated, and sleep well. Have in place a fitness regime – be it a session of physical exercise or yoga and meditation or brisk walk of 20 minutes in the garden can relax and reduce your stress. A holistic approach to life is very much essential to reduce acne.

Tackling acne through home remedies is convenient and easy. Initially, you may have to try out a few of them before actually zero down on the one which suits you and your skin type the most. Make sure you are regular in applying your preferred home remedy to keep acne at bay and have a fresh, glowing skin all the time.

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