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Time’s tough, with the financial ending just around the corner, pressure builds up and unluckily there is no time to relax or go out to a massage center or at the beauty parlor. Let’s track down the chronological age, what our ancestors did to relax their body from the added up stress. Here are a few manicure tips which you can do at home to burst away the stress and get charged up for the heavy workload. Treat your hands right because they keep the work going!

Before here are a few things you got to buy and stack up at home-

products for manicure @TheRoyaleIndia

1. Nail polish remover

2. Cotton

3. Cuticle trimmer

4. Nail trimmer

5. Nail buffer

6. Hand cream

7. Nail polish (choose some hot ones- hot pink and electric blue are classics, even marsala would be a great choice this summer!)

8. Base coat and top coat

9. A big bowl of lukewarm water

We have everything now! Let’s get started-

1. First take off your pre-existing nail polish and apply little cream on and around your nails and relax for some time.

2. Trim your nails. Trust me you don’t want to look like a vamp with those long nails. Keep it short, keep it sleek! Decide the shape of the nail you desire to have- box, round or pointed. I recommend you to go for the box ones. They are easier to maintain and looks natural.

relax and trim nails @TheRoyaleIndia

3. Once you are done filing your nails, dip them in luke warm water so that the edges smoothen out and the cuticle loosens up, which is very much necessary for the next step.

4. Cuticles keep the nails soft and provide protection from mechanical injury. Pushing them back with a cuticle stick is the next step.

manicure warm water @TheRoyaleIndia

5. This is a compulsory step but it’s always recommended for longer lasting manicure. No need of buying a hand scrubber especially for doing it. You can make one at home! Mix a spoonful of sugar with a little bit of honey and lime juice. Make sure the mixture is thick; a thin paste is not recommended. Scrub your hands well, wash after 5 minutes and apply moisturizer and wait for 10 minutes. This scrub can also be used for your face for a glowing and radiant face.

sugar lemon honey @TheRoyaleIndia

6. We are now just a few steps away from perfectly manicured nails. Now apply the basecoat, wait for two minutes or until it is completely dry and then apply the second layer.

base coat @TheRoyaleIndia

7. This is my favorite part. Apply the nail polish and see to it that you drag down the brush from the base of the nail to the tip in a smooth flow. The smoother you go the easier it would be to apply the second coat, which just like the base coat, should be applied when the first coat is completely dry.

nail polish @TheRoyaleIndia

8. Now apply the top coat and clean out the rough edges. Let it dry well for 10 minutes. There, there! are you perfectly manicured nails.

Pamper yourself with some grooming!

A fun way to do this is by calling over your best friend and doing manicure on each other’s nails!

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