How to Decorate your Home Interiors with Stylish Décor Items

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Decorating your home with decor items can be considered as a hobby that reflects your creativity and vibes. No matter how good the house is, the home interiors finally add the classy touch and aura to make your home beautiful. After all, who says no to the home décor items for the unique artistry? Right from shelves to accessories, linens to paintings, lamps to trays we have penned down everything to suggest you what to pick up, for a magnificent & attractive contemporary interiors, or any interior design style you like. Here is the list of amazing things for the home décor items to match up your imagination and personality.

1. Spruce up the walls with wall décor items

As soon as the visitors enter your home, the first thing they notice is the interiors. You can deck up the walls of your living rooms and bed rooms, with the aesthetic decors to make an eye catching style statement. The Contemporary, Eclectic & Colonial wall shelves look sophisticated on the walls and for sure a great way to organise stuff. Put together some of your memorable moments on the wall, with beautiful photo frames, they veritably look classy and chic. The designer clocks and mirrors with peacock or parrot frames, not only look different but also elegant. If you are an excellent painter you could frame one of your paintings and hang on the wall or even better is to portray a wall painting of your favourite artist. With the enormous collections of decors available in the market you could definitely choose the right one to match up your ambience and expectations.

How to Decorate your Home Interiors with Stylish Décor Items

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2. Bring in the mini garden at home

If you are person who love gardening and absolutely have no time to take care of the plants, then you could buy the artificial plants, artificial flowers or hanging plants – these require minimal or no maintenance and also add the greenery to soothe your eyes. The cactus terrariums or the succulent terrariums are an awesome option to add elegance and it’s definitely going to catch the visitor’s eye. You can even make your own terrariums at home by using a clean jar or a beautiful vase, fill the one third of it with soil, add some colourful decorative pebbles and add a layer of activated charcoal to keep the water fresh & to keep away the bacteria, then plant in the cactus or succulent plants. Viola! The décor terrariums are ready to be placed on the table or the wall shelves. These tiny décor is a sure heart stealer and easy to maintain.

You could even use the artificial plants and flowers to give the real garden effect and decorate it with the garden décor like – artificial birds, animals etc.

How to Decorate your Home Interiors with Stylish Décor Items

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3. Hang in the beaming lights and tinkling chimes

The traditional ceiling lights and the chandeliers certainly give a classy makeover for the interiors. The Floor Lamps and lanterns, the pendant and the table lamps, origami lamps and the vintage lamps, LED lamps and the themed lamps are just perfect to show off your aesthetic taste. For any festive or a get together, just a beautiful chandelier becomes the highlight & a jaw dropper. How about the tinkling sounds at home? You can bring in the wind chimes or bells; the Chinese believe that these décor protect against evil spirits & bring good luck. Wind chimes are available in different colours & materials like – wood or bamboo, brass or bronze, gold or copper, terracotta or any other metal. Hanging the wind chime or the bell in the balcony – or probably a sit out area or may be a place close to the door, to trigger the tinkling sound from the chimes certainly refreshes your mind & body.

How to Decorate your Home Interiors with Stylish Décor Items

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4. Speckle up the Linen & Furniture

Furniture is something which grabs the majority of attention from the visitors. Choosing the Furniture which is comfortable & swanky is quite a task with the enormous options & collections available in the market. The sofa, multipurpose stands, tea tables, study tables, modular kitchen etc all of these add to the décor. Cushions are available in beautiful designs like – embroidered and studded cushions, hand knitted and hand painted cushions, digital printed cushions & much more, they also come in different materials like polyester, silk, nylon etc and in vibrant colours. The quilt covers and the curtains come in radiant colours and different designs like – floral, printed, embroidered etc. The themed cushions like – Minion cushions, fruits shaped cushions, donut cushions, teddy cushions etc are a hit among the kids & they just cannot have enough of them. Chair pads, rugs and carpets also come in contemporary & aesthetic designs. Choose the perfect choice to match up your creativity and to speckle up the interiors.

5. Quirky Accessories for all the rooms

There are a wide range of quirky accessories for the home décor and for sure is a head turner. The designer fridge magnets look alluring & amazingly cute on the fridge. You could perhaps collect the fridge magnets from different places when you go on a vacation, just to remind the wonderful place & memorable moments. The key chains and coffee mugs come in different designs and styles to reflect your artistry. Some of the exquisite collections of barware like a picturesque boat shaped ice bucket definitely add the charm & class for the décor. The spoon and the fork holder come in fabulous designs like – French rooster design, painted or printed etc. The tea mugs or the pitchers and crockery’s come in brilliant designs and lovely colours and they indeed look splendid for any occasion or a get together. The designer trunk storage or the multipurpose basket storage is great to organise the clutter.

The artistic candle stands and the designer cake stands define your thirst for the décor collection. Some of the famous designs include – floral wine candle stand, bird’s feather cake stand etc. The themed 2-tier plate stands are perfect for the festive and pool parties to show off your stunning décor collections. The printed or the designer trays are just perfect to welcome home the guests with a happy gesture.

With the beautiful and interesting things available in the market, Invest in a quality product and ensure it meets up your budget, if it is too expensive you could probably checkout different online portals to pick a reasonable and a long lasting premium product. Check out wide range of quirky accessories at Pepperfry and find that perfect piece for your home.  

Remember that a beautiful home reflects your inner happiness. Happy home decorating!

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