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Invited to a housewarming party or visiting a relative/ friends new home and don’t know what to buy? Voila! Here are some ideas that you could choose from to make that perfect gift! Of course the gifts that you bring will depend upon the relationship you share with the couple. So choose wisely!

Door Décor

It is believed that ‘The first impression is the last impression!’ A gift adorning the door welcoming every guest is sure to create a warm welcoming impression.

  • Custom Number & Name Plate
name plate @TheRoyaleIndia

Name plates come in a variety of options – Ceramic, Wooden, Metal, Brushed Aluminum and many more. It’s a neat gifting option as it’s personalized and adds to the décor of ones home door.

  • Welcome Wreath
welcome wreath @TheRoyaleIndia

A welcome wreath can create a sense of warmth and affection to all those who enter home.

  • Monogram
monogram @TheRoyaleIndia

A motif having the initials of the couple can be unique gift for them that will add a nice flair to their door décor.

Wall Décor

The walls of a home speak of the people residing in it. It mirrors their interests, sense of colors and all the love blooming in the family.

  • Wallpaper

wallpaper @TheRoyaleIndia

DIY wallpaper is an exclusive gift, to make a room wall look visually appealing. Pepperfrys – ‘Print a Wallpaper’ brand gives you a range of options to choose from Books, Music text, Birds in trees, grey pebbles, grass texture and many more. Also, it’s so simple to use – Just roll them up and dip it into water for 15-20 seconds and then have them installed onto the wall. These are eco-friendly wallpapers as they are created from recycled superior quality PVC – free materials. Additionally, they are mold, mildew and flame resistant.

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

mirror @TheRoyaleIndia

Mirrors are known to bring light and depth into rooms, when placed properly. Fabfurnish offers a range of decorative mirrors like Metalex Bubbles mirror, Vogues classy golden mirror, Beaded glass leaf mirror that can bring a chic look to your simple wall and reflect great views.

  • Tick Tock…Wall Clock

clock @TheRoyaleIndia

Elegant and out of the ordinary looking wall clocks add a zing to the way you read time. So if your friend is into music get them a musical note wall clock, or if they love nature then Fabfurnishs’ – Klok 1 to 12 Birds & Tree Wall clock could be a good choice.

  • Key Holder

key rack @TheRoyaleIndia

The keys to the house need to be kept safe and what other way than to gift a stylish key holder. From simple wooden key holders to chinhhari art to black metallic look, each of them can bring a distinctive appeal to ones wall.

  • Photo Frames

photoframe @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo frames have been a common gift since ages, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of style. It’s a good way to make an empty wall look fuller, and make it the wall of fame. Chic looking Family Tree Frames offered by Urban Dazzle is a great option. FabFurnish also offers a wide range of Collage photo frames.

Table Décor

Gifting the couple some table décor will help spruce up that dull table!

  • Table Lamp

table lamp @TheRoyaleIndia

Spread the light! Yes literally, gift the young couple a flamboyant yet simple Table Lamp that will bring light into the room and transform the aura around ones home. FabFurnish & Pepperfry have ample of option from their brand ‘Shady Ideas’

  • Oil Burners, Candles & Candle Holders

oil burner @TheRoyaleIndia

Place a chic oil burner on a simple wooden table and add elegance to ones room. White Buddha Head Ceramic Oil Burner and The Yellow Door Round Oil Burner makes for a great gift. Gifting candle sets, tea lights and Candle holders is also a great option. Scented candles bring a nice freshness to the room.

Most urban homes if not all, are shrinking in terms of living space. And ‘Make small spaces appear bigger’ is the mantra for many while working on their home décor. So make sure you don’t put them off by gifting them things that are larger than life size.

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