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If you are a book lover, let your home display your passion for the written words. Design it such that your love for books shines across your home.

Your decoration choices are inspired by your indulgence in books. You may choose to strew them creatively on a table, or use furniture that doubles-up as a book repository, while you lean back to relax. This helps when you feel lazy to go up to the shelf to pick a book. Should you feel drawn towards a certain passage, text, poetry in a book, it will be a good idea to print-and-frame it or put it up as wallpaper with artistic fonts to keep you inspired at all times.

A used Ladder could be creatively utilized in this manner.

ladder used as book shelf @TheRoyaleIndia

Every book lover would dream of a having a rich paneled library at home. But you may not always have the space and convenience to keep one. At such homes, wall racks provide ample space to stack and display your collection. This would not only add a bit of flair to your otherwise dull empty wall, but also subconsciously prompt you to pick and read. Remember, out of sight is out of mind. And the wall-racks just don’t let you forget that there are pages to read, before you go to sleep.

racks for books @TheRoyaleIndia

Book lovers attract other book lovers, and being the book lover it’s natural for you to brag about your collection to your visitors. On the other hand, you would also hold yourself back considering the social norm that “It is bad to brag”. Then, how do you show-of (..brag that is..) your awesome collection of books, without sounding pompous? The secret is to let them ‘discover’ your treasure over a coffee and book reading session. Wouldn’t a coffee table which doubles up book case be an intriguing way to let me discover, while you deliberate over java.

decor ideas for book lovers @TheRoyaleIndia

However, if you have an entire book series, you could neatly stack it which would make an attractive display. Such an effective display is a great way to impress your visitors. Another great idea is to have a criss-crossed shelf  or an oval one which displays unconventional thinking. One can also make optimum use of the space beneath the staircase to display books. Staircase sidewalls make an apt space for décor.

home decor ideas for book lovers @TheRoyaleIndia

Call it an atrocious or innovative idea; you could also decorate your bathroom with books. Yes, even your bathtub can double as a book shelf! Why wait endlessly in the kitchen when you can grab a handy book right there? Or next to the dining room? Or just on top of your night lamp? You could even have a circular book shelf cum lamp shade or an open book lamp to make a matching décor.

decorate your house with books @TheRoyaleIndia

Home décor for book lovers is not just about shelves. There are some gorgeous book-ends to choose from. You could have an ornate book-end, a photo-collage bookend or one with an equestrian look. A fish bowl book-end makes an attractive display.

home decor tips for book lovers @TheRoyaleIndia

Irrespective of your choice of book holders, you can always accessorize them with pots, plants, frames, colors, and sensible lighting. Convert a boring corner into your “reading zone”, where it is just the words and the world of your imagination. Should your partner too is an avid reader, consider yourself blessed, and look forward for a cozy bed-time reading.


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