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Staying in India, it is not easy to be too boastful about your drinking if you come from a family of teetotalers or if you stay in a rented apartment where the owner belongs to a family of strict teetotalers. However, if you have managed to condition your family’s mind (if you stay with them) or if you are ‘just collecting those limited edition bottles as a hobby’ (and have no clue where the liquid went) or if you stay in a totally cool place (alone! Or in a small apartment in case you are in Bombay) we are sure you are dying to set up your own bar. Here are some tips for you lot-

The type-

The Bar Cart

Bar cart @TheRoyaleIndia

Yup. Something like a butler’s trolley but fancier and definitely more interesting. It is usually made from wood and can hold a number of bottles and also has an area to hang glasses. If you have space issues at home then this should be perfect because it can be easily kept in a corner or moved around.

The Kitchen

Kitchen @TheRoyaleIndia

If you tend to have a tad too many house parties, considering you are the only one amongst your friends who stays alone in a one bedroom apartment then kitchen is your best bet. Just get a glass shelf put up on one of the walls and display your collection there. Of course if your parents come to visit then be prepared for reactions such as, “oh my god. How much do you drink? Is this why you want to stay alone? What will we tell the world” and for replies from your side such as, “But I don’t drink. My friends do” Not that it has ever happened to me.

The Scatter

Scatter @TheRoyaleIndia

Of course you like decorating your house with empty magnums and wine bottles and those whiskey bottles, then don’t be shy to display it around your house. Get a nice wine bottle stand or a quirky multiple wine bottle rack to be kept in a corner; display those vintage empty magnums or convert them into lamps; keep the Blue Label in a nice corner where it is visible. Voila! A bar with no effort.

Car-o-bar- Need we say more?

The Dream Bar

Dream bar @TheRoyaleIndia

Now if you are the lucky one who stays in a split level bungalow or a palace or a really big apartment then this point is for you (I can be your new best friend). With the amount of space you have at home, you can set up the bar you have always dreamt of. First and foremost think of the area you want the bar to be in. Is it the living room? Or is it downstairs as soon as one enters your place? You want it to be visible at all times or cleverly concealed? You can get or make a beautiful bar cabinet which can be shut and locked. It usually comes with lighting fixtures inside and glass shelves with a rack on top to hold glasses and a small cupboard at the bottom to hold miscellaneous accessories. Or you could dedicate a corner of your living room (since that’s the easiest to make) to the bar table and act as a professional bartender throughout the night.

The accessories, elements and the look

Accessories @TheRoyaleIndia

The best way to have an amazing looking bar (size no ‘bar’. Get it? Get it?) is, to have a mix of materials and elements. There could be a mix of wood, granite, marble and glass. Make a bar with one material and it all blends in itself.

Accessorize it with fun and beautiful elements. Put a raised tray to hold small appetizers or toothpicks and utilize the space under the tray for small accompaniments such as olives.

Please do not use steel bowls. Get nice ceramic elements into play with small bowls to hold the above mentioned accompaniments, fruit wedges, lemon slices, garnishings (eg- mint leaves) etc.

Keep cocktail napkins around the different areas of the bar so they are easily within your guests’ reach.

Always keep the décor of the room/ area in mind. Would want to have neon signs all over the place if your room has a formal setting? Or will you be okay with a retro look if your room is more contemporary? Do not make the mistake of making it look like those loud boisterous people you see at parties and from whom people keep away.

Get good looking accessories such as an ice bucket, tongs, cork screw, scissors, knife, stirrers and a cocktail shaker.

If you are lucky enough to have a well sized bar at your place then invest in some nice bar stools. They can be made of wood or metal.

What to stock

No bar is complete without a good collection of beverages. Always stock up your bar according to the kind of guests who visit you. If your social circle consists of more of whisky drinkers, then you wouldn’t want more bottles of rum. Know your audience!

If your budget allows it, then invest in a mini fridge to be kept below or behind the bar. This will help keep your mixers, white wine and beer chilled.

Also always be aware as to how a beverage is served. For example, did you know red wine should be opened 15 minutes before serving at room temperature? That way it tastes awesome.

What you serve the beverages in is also important. Invest in proper glasses such as red and white wine glasses (they are different. The white wine glasses are taller and narrower to avoid hand contact and air circulation which would have otherwise warmed the wine), champagne flutes, martini glasses, Collins and whisky glasses. Have the beer pilsners and/ or the white wine glasses chilled in your (mini) fridge and keep some regular glass tumblers ready for those cocktails and other beverages.

Whether you would like to be that talk of the town home bartender or the more serious one who listens to his/ her friends’ woes while wiping glasses or if you just like entertaining your friends or if you are a connoisseur of those expensive limited edition bottles, always keep a budget in mind. Do not go overboard. You can keep on beautifying it in time. Whether it’s a scene from Cocktail or whether you name it ‘Smoky- the Bar’, no one can deny the beauty of a well stocked bar with bottles filled with the amber/ dark/ light/ red coloured liquids. And always remember, let your friends/ guests drink but never drive (it is against our principles to say ‘don’t drink’)

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