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Over the past few years, a new trend in body art (in the form of tattoos) has been emerging and becoming increasingly popular in the West. Whether they understand the meaning of the words or not, the Hindi and Sanskrit language have definitely piqued their interest. So it won’t be wrong if we say that stars of the Hollywood have found a permanent companion in the form of tattoos that have an Indian hint to it.

In this article we list a few such intriguing examples of when the Western world turned to the East for an artistic inspiration:

1. Russell Brand & Katy Perry

hollywood celebrities indian tattoos russel brand @TheRoyaleIndia

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What’s more romantic than getting matching tattoos? The British comedian and the singer cum songwriter couple got a tattoo saying ‘Anugachhantu Pravah’ which essentially means ‘going with the flow’.

katy perry hollywood stars sanskrit tattoos @TheRoyaleIndia

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Unfortunately, this flow led them to divorce soon after their Hindu tradition wedding.

2. Miley Cyrus

hollywood celebrities indian tattoos miley cyrus @TheRoyaleIndia

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Perhaps a fashion statement, or maybe just an increasing belief or faith in the Hinduism… We don’t know the reason behind the pop singer’s two Hinduism based tattoosone that reads ‘Om’ and the other which reads ‘karma’.

3. Jessica Alba

jessica alba indian sanskrit tattos

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With a smile that holds the power to melt a million hearts, this gorgeous lady bears a tattoo that signifies ‘Lotus’. Notice how we said “signifies” instead of “reads”? That’s because the singer got the spelling of “Padma” which translates to “lotus”, wrong! Apparently, she believes in the power of the lotus but not enough to get a spell check done before getting inked!

4. David Beckham

david becham hindi tattoo victoria

Once you are done drooling over his perfect bod, you can notice the very significantly placed tattoo on his left arm which spells out, albeit incorrectly, his wife’s name (Victoria). Don’t know, if the former Spice Girl finds it appealing or not!

5. Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie buddhist tattoo @TheRoyaleIndia

She is undoubtedly a thinking woman, which means that everything- right from the kind of films she does, to the kind of tattoos she gets- holds some meaning. She has a Buddhist Pali inscription tattooed across her shoulder blade which essentially means that she is an Apsara who will be revered and protected wherever she goes and that her enemies will stay away from her.

6. Adam Levine

hollywood stars sanskrit tattoos adam levine @TheRoyaleIndia

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That immensely talented singer has been inked quite a few times. One of his more prominent tattoos includes one which reads ‘Tapas’ which equals ‘meditation’ in English. Now you know how he gets to that level of dedication and brilliance, don’t you?

7. Rihanna

rihanna sanskrit tattoos @TheRoyaleIndia

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She had a great idea for a tattoo, alas! It was incorrect and incomplete. The widely acclaimed singer wanted a Sanskrit prayer inked across her hip, but it came out wrong!

8. Brandy Norwood

hollywood celebrities indian ganpati tattoo brandy norwood @TheRoyaleIndia

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The enthralling entertainer has Lord Ganesha’s face tattooed on her left arm. When He protects you, who do you have to fear, right?

9. Brittany Snow

brittany snow tattoo hindi @TheRoyaleIndia

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When she’s not winning awards for her amusing performances, she’s busy being fearless. Or wait… Is it because she’s fearless that she manages to produce such commendable performances? She has this “fearlessness” tattooed on her skin in the form of “Abhay”.

If we take “inspiration” from Hollywood for our films, Hollywood too is taking our Eastern concepts of art seriously!

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