5 Prints That Will Help You Get That Hippie Look Right

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Duniyaa ne humko diyaa kyaa, Duniyaa se humne liyaa kyaa, Hum sab ki paravaah karen kyuun, sab ne hamaaraa kiyaa kyaa“- Zeenat Aman’s swag and the unmistakable riff by R.D Burman, gained a cult status in India in the 70s. And yes, that ‘hippie’ look she carried effortlessly, we so love it!!! The ‘hippie’ culture is increasingly gaining momentum, once again!!! Their way of talking, their style, especially their dressing sense is something everyone wants to achieve. Even though getting that perfect hippie look right is no piece of cake but it’s not rocket science either. The right amount of confidence, a little bit of accessorizing and the right cut and pattern of clothing is enough to carry the look like you belong to this amazing group everyone wants to be a part of.

So, here are 5 types of amazing prints that you can try to look like the coolest hippie chick ever!

Tie Dye Print

tie dye print dress @TheRoyaleIndia

source – eyoupay.com

Tie dye is a resist dyeing technique done with bright colours and bold patterns. This technoque was extremely popular during the 1960’s and will never go out of trend for those who love colours.

tie dye print long shirt @TheRoyaleIndia

Tie dye print dresses, tops, jackets and many even accessories are available that will add just the right amount of ‘hippie-ness’ in your attire.

Psychedelic Print

psychedelic print dress @TheRoyaleIndia

source – etsystatic.com

Psychedelic Art was very popular during the 1960’s, which was also popular for hippie culture. Bright colours, kaleidoscopic patterns with a great amount of illusion are what Psychedelic prints mostly consists of.

psychedelic print pants @TheRoyaleIndia

The 1960’s look is now modernized a bit to fit the needs of a modern hippie chick. Loose pants, dresses, shirts with trippy patterns are available for you to choose from.

Tropical Mirror Print

tropical print loose long shirt @TheRoyaleIndia

source – ebay.com

You’ll rarely ever see people wearing tropical print garments but that’s all the more reason for you to pick it up. Tropical mirror print consists of designs that are close to nature with a whole lot of colour in them.

tropical mirror print harem pants @TheRoyaleIndia

source – wheredidugetthat.com

Since a true hippie loves nature and feels connected to it, tropical print is one of the best options to adorn for that perfect hippie look.

Aztec Print

aztec print loose dress @TheRoyaleIndia

source – blog.arnhem.co

One of the many form of tribal prints, Aztec print originated in Mexico, which was worn by Aztec people quite a long time ago. The print has an ability to bring an old-world charm to any type of garment and the colourful nature of the print is just what a hippie always looks out in her clothing!

aztec print top @TheRoyaleIndia

Image source – thegirlintheyellowdress.com

It’s an eye-catching print so you can choose the density of the print. But no matter what you choose, a minimal print Aztec dress or a fully printed one, you’re sure to look like one the coolest hippies, ever.

Ganado Print

ganado print dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

Ganado is an ancient type of weaving that has become popular world-wide. This type has been used as a print in many garments lately to add a vintage vibe to the otherwise modern clothes we wear.

ganado print loose dress @TheRoyaleIndia

source – wholesalefashionplace.com

Ganado prints are mostly done on bright coloured clothes with contrasting colours which look unique and fashionable. Ganado printed long shrugs, loose tops are a few items you can have in your wardrobe for that instant hippie getup.

Apart from these crazy awesome prints, don’t forget the mandatory headband and Lenon sunglasses to complete your super cool hippie look. Peace out!

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