3 Choicest Recipes for a High Tea Buffet

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The High Tea tradition is back! Once again, people are looking forward to unwind in leisure by coming together for high tea party. As per the tradition, the table linen and tea sets perfectly match and a spread of most delectable desserts accompanied by sandwiches is laid.

Looking forward to savour melt in the mouth lemon meringue pie or some extra fluffy blueberry scones served with cream and jam or an assorted doughnut platter and coconut cherry roulade for those who love sweeter than normal fare.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could host a high tea party and serve all or any of these high tea recipes, made all by you for we have listed out their recipes….So, let the planning begin!!!

Lemon Meringue Pie - Makes: 10 Pies |Preparation Time: 40 Minutes |Chilling Time 4 Hours

lemon meringue pie @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : sidolidesserts.co.uk


  • 250 gm (10 oz) sweet sugar dough

  • 450 gm eggs

  • 210 ml (7 fl oz) lemon juice

  • 100 gm (4 oz) sugar

  • 250 gm (10 oz)creat

For the sweet sugar dough

250 gm (10 oz) cake flour

125 gm (5 oz) butter

125 gm (5 oz) sugar

75 gm eggs


For the sweet sugar dough

  1. Cream butter and sugar till light, slowly add eggs.

  2. Fold in flour.

  3. Rest in refrigerator for at least 4 hours

  4. Line a 10-hole pie tray with sweet sugar dough and bake blind till half done. Remove and cool.

  5. Whisk egg yolks and sugar till light. Add lemon juice and cream.

  6. Rest in the refrigerator for 10 minutes

  7. Take off the foam and fill in the pie crusts.

  8. Bake at 120 degree C till firm. Cool and remove mould.

  9. Whisk egg whites and sugar to make a meringue, place on the pies.

  10. Bake at 240° C for 5 minutes.

Note: One egg could weigh between 35- 55 gm, depending on the size.

Assorted Doughnuts - Makes: 16 Doughnuts |Preparation Time: 30 Minutes |Proving Time: 1 Hour

assorted doughnuts @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : http://www.cakesheaven.com/


  • 250 gm (10 oz) bread flour

  • 1 tablespoon yeast

  • 40 gm (1.8 oz) sugar

  • 40 gm (1.8 oz) butter, melted

  • 2 eggs

  • 75 ml (2.5 fl oz) milk

  • A pinch of salt

  • Oil for deep- frying

  • Breakfast sugar and melted chocolate for glazing


  1. Mix all ingredients on speed 2 for 6 minutes, then on speed 3 for 2 minutes. Rest the dough for 35 minutes.

  2. Roll out to approximately 3 mm thickness and cut with a doughnut cutter into 16 portions.

  3. Prove for 30 minutes.

  4. Deep-fry till golden brown and roll in breakfast sugar or glaze with chocolate.

  1. Note: Breakfast sugar is a very fine granule table sugar that works well as a glaze for these doughnuts.

Coconut Cherry Roulade - Makes 10 Slices |Preparation Time 1 Hour

Coconut Cherry Roulade @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : restaurantedelux.ro


  • 450 gm (1 lb) chocolate roulade (recipe given below)

  • 180 ml (6 fl oz) coconut milk

  • 225 gm (9 oz) sugar

  • 180 ml (6 fl oz) whipping cream

  • 100 gm (4 oz) black cherries

  • 1 teaspoon gelatine

For the chocolate roulade

  • 600 gm (1 lb 6 oz) egg yolks

  • 350 gm (14 oz) sugar

  • 900 gm (2 lb) egg whites

  • 350 gm (14 oz) sugar for egg whites

  • 430 gm (1 lb) flour

  • 70 gm (2.8 oz) cocoa powder


For the chocolate roulade

  1. Cream egg yolks and sugar till fluffy.

  2. Whisk egg whites and sugar to make a meringue, now fold in the egg yolk and sugar mixture followed by the flour.

  3. Using a piping bag, pipe the batter very close together and flat on a baking tray.

  4. Bake at 230 degree C for 5-10 minutes till springy to the touch. Remove and cool.

  5. Boil coconut milk with sugar. Add gelatine, cool on ice, and then add cream.

  6. Spread the mix on the chocolate roulade and sprinkle black cherries on top.

  7. Then roll the roulade and cut into slices.

Tempted to try? Well, go ahead and try making these delectable high tea desserts… Surely, they will turn out to be delicious and irresistible making them vanish in minutes at your high tea party.

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