Hermès unveils Faubourg Watch

January 29, 2014 Hermès unveils Faubourg Watch @TheRoyaleIndia 732 0 0

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How many times us, women, have looked for the perfect piece of jewellery which tells us the time?

Sure we do have bracelet watches helping us but sometimes they don’t go with the outfit we wear. We require something more versatile but dainty. Hermès has designed one such watch which resembles a piece of jewellery. This is the smallest of the time pieces yet, produced from the fashion label. Concentrating on opening boutiques solely for its time pieces, Hermès unveiled the Faubourg watch during the Haute Couture Week in Paris. The famous brand will make the watches available to customers only by May.

You can team it up with formal wear (think a bold colour blazer with pants) or closer home you can wear it with a saree for that cocktail ceremony you have to attend. So do start saving for this gorgeous piece which currently comes in two colours. We are hoping for the label to produce more options in colour.

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