Hello, The New Social Networking App From Orkut Makes Saying Hello To Your Friends Even More Fun!

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We all know how much of a rage Orkut was back in the early days of social networking. It was one of the first successful social networking websites with a huge user base in countries like Brazil and India. It was the entry of Facebook, the other bigwig in social networking, that lead to the diminishing usage of Orkut, its buyout by Google, and its eventual demise in 2014 (when Google shut down the website). But Orkut Büyükkökten, the founder of Orkut, who named the site after himself, was not one to back down.

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He has recently come up with a refreshing social media platform called ‘Hello’. This new platform is available only as an app for Android and iOS and aims at interconnecting users mainly based on their common interests. We take a closer look at the app and find out whether it has what it takes to come up in this booming age of social networking.

What exactly is Hello?

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Currently, it is an app-only platform available in select countries for Android and iOS devices. The app lets you choose ‘personas’ based on your profession, hobbies and interests. There are more than a hundred personas to choose from, like gamer, photographer, artist, etc.

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The user has the option of choosing five personas that best describe their interests and passions. Based on these personas, users can opt to interact with others with common personas and view content relevant to their interests.

Key Features

Let’s look into the main features that the new Hello app offers.

  • Personas

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As we’ve already seen, a persona is a quality, interest or passion that the user chooses which is then used to build the user’s social identity.

  • Folio

The folio is like Facebook’s timeline or the Twitter feed, but this time, it is personalised. Based on your chosen personas, Folio displays relevant content which interests you.

  • Potentials

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Potentials are the equivalent of friends on Hello. The app uses an algorithm to identify other users you’d like to interact with who have similar personas. Your location is also used to sift through hundreds of people and find out who has the potential to strike a connection with.

  • Connections

Connections are Hello’s version of direct messages. Send direct messages to users for a more personal interaction.

  • Leaderboards

Hello social network key features @TheRoyaleIndia

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Now here is something which is new in social networking. Based on your contributions and interactions on the app, the platform allows you to become the leader of a particular persona.

  • Milestones and Rewards

The app also introduces a benchmark feature in social networking that is interesting. Much like Leaderboards, the app lets you unlock various milestones and unlock rewards to add a fun element to the social interaction experience.

Hello new orkut social network features @TheRoyaleIndia

The app contains a few new things while the more common elements are renamed for a fresher appeal. Nevertheless, it is interesting that the Orkut founder has come up with a new app, but only time will tell whether people will enjoy it the same way as they do Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

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