Here is a peek into what GOSF offers for Home and Kitchen

December 8, 2014 Here is a peek into what GOSF offers for Home and Kitchen @TheRoyaleIndia 663 0 0

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Ask a woman which is her most favourite place in the house, and the answer should be the “Kitchen”. She likes to keep it all tidy with everything in place. And anyone trying to mess around with her paradise should get ready to be thrown out.

However, if you find it too difficult offering a helping hand to your lady in the kitchen, there is one thing you can surely do to make her happy. Get her some brand new home and kitchen appliances this Christmas.

The Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) starting 10th of this year plans to offer some irresistible offers on Home and Kitchen appliances. That’s good enough to make you happy, isn’t it? So, what does GOSF 2014 have in store for you? Let’s find out.

Kitchen Storage

kitchen storage @TheRoyaleIndia

I am not buying it. I don’t have a container that can store it all.” If you hear her saying that, it’s time to get her some brand new kitchen storage appliances. Containers, bottles, casseroles, jars, all from some of the top brands like Milton, Tupperware, Nayasa and Cutting Edge.

Cookware and Bakeware

cook and bakeware @TheRoyaleIndia

How about a brand new pressure cooker? Or, maybe she needs an extra non-stick Kadai. Why not gift her an entire Cookware Gift Set this Christmas? Fry pans, barbeque grill, dosa tawa, griddle, handi – all of these and more available at a discount. Some of the top brands in this category are Prestige, Hawkins, Pigeon and Wonderchef to name a few.

Cutting and Cooking Tools

Cutting and Cooking Tools @TheRoyaleIndia

To be able to cook the most delicious food, your lady needs to have the right tools. What better gift than a “Roti Maker”? If she’s been manually preparing rotis for all these years, you are sure to get a tight hug once she opens up the present. If you are one of those who love to stay fit and healthy, get her a fruit- juicer.

Once done picking up the right tool and you have a few more bucks left to spend, why not add a few more tools to the cart? A one-step corn kerneler, vegetable dicers, choppers, frying pans and spoons are some additional tools you might want to bring along.

Dining and Serving

Dining and Serving @TheRoyaleIndia

Your relatives are planning to drop-in this weekend for dinner. That’s a good reason to panic, as you don’t have a brand new dining set at hand. You need something better than those old plates lying on your kitchen shelves. So, why not order one today? Well, not just dining plate sets; GOSF also helps you get a huge discount on a complete range of dining accessories that includes everything from glasses to cutlery sets.

Tea and Coffee Serve-ware

Tea and Coffee Serve-ware @TheRoyaleIndia

Love having a cup of Coffee or Tea early in the morning? Having it in a stylish mug might probably light up your mood. Moreover, you might also want to bring home a stunning tea-pot with a steel mirror finish. What about a coffee maker? Wasn’t it one of the items on your “to buy” list?


Disposables @TheRoyaleIndia

In case you plan to throw a party this Christmas inviting over a hundred guests, keep a few packs of disposables at hand. Interestingly, most of the disposables are eco-friendly and therefore do not affect the environment. Disposable plates, bowls, trays, tissues, aluminum foils, make sure to pick them all up at this year’s GOSF.

Home and Kitchen appliances, these days, don’t come cheap. And if you are planning to buy a few from a traditional store, even the best bargain might seem a bit expensive. At GOSF, you get to pick your favourite accessories at a price too low compared to what traditional stores offer. Moreover, you get to choose from a comparatively wider range of products.

Just a couple of days left, and you get to bring home the best home and kitchen appliances at an unimaginably low price. And guess what? When your neighbors find out about those new shiny appliances, they are sure to burn with jealously. But, hey! You love it where they are, don’t you?

So, don’t forget to set your timer. Start preparing your list today. Some exciting deals waiting to be grabbed. Happy Shopping! Have fun.

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