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You must have experienced it first hand by being one yourself or must have experienced as someone’s sibling/ friend/ neighbour and lived to tell the tale. Being a bride is one of the most important time in anybody’s life, and the bride’s say is absolute final. Since all the eyes are on her from the time the wedding bells start ringing, she has to look as radiant, as beautiful and as stylish as possible. She has to look her best during the D day even if she goes back to her favourite frayed PJs tomorrow.

But to look her best, she has to go through a process of choosing the colour, the fabric, the look, the cut, the theme she has thought of, accessories with the outfit and the most important- traditional or fusion. With a rainbow of colours available to choose from and with weeks and weeks being dedicated to Bridal Fashion shows, a would-be bride no longer has to wear a red lehenga with gaudy gold. Any colour the bride chooses will always be approved of, because c’mon. Who wants to disagree with her?

red indian bridal wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Red Indian Bridal Wear

Red will always be incorporated in any bridal outfit, either through her accessories or clothes. Here I am talking about a generic wedding and not any religion specific. Something on the lines of what Bollywood has thrown at us since Monsoon Wedding. Red signifies luck and prosperity and if not through the outfit, it can be worn through jewellery, bangles, sindoor, etc.

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Pink Bridal Wear

To experiment and showcase their personal taste, some brides often opt for Pink. Right from the bright rani pink to light baby pink, pink is one colour which has a lot of shades to it and is extremely feminine. It is a versatile shade making you choose a lighter version during a summer wedding, a fun colour during the monsoon months and a deeper richer colour during the winter.

colourful vibrant indian bride @TheRoyaleIndia

Colourful Vibrant Indian Bridal Wear

Some brides cannot be bothered for too much colour, so they end up going in for Gold. With a neutral base and the right embroidery/ work on the outfit, the gold can show up extremely beautifully without being too OTT. You can opt for minimal accessories or go complete Bollywood with heavy gold jewellery and garlands in your long braided hair.

Orange Bridal Wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Orange Bridal Wear

Orange is another bridal favourite. One of the most suited colours to our skin tone; this definitely comes within the top three colour choices for the bridal outfit. The opulence of orange can be further complimented and enhanced by accents of red or can be subdued by a lot more neutral based gold. However worn with any colour combination, it is hard to go wrong with this colour- whether you go for the bright summery orange or a paler version.

Purple Bridal Wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Purple Bridal Wear

The colour of royalty amongst the Greeks and Romans was always a deep Purple. A lot of brides opt for this rich hue. The entire outfit in purple looks too OTT so offset the colour with a hint of red and orange. With the colour of the year 2014 being a Radiant Orchid, this is the perfect colour for a spring wedding. Opt for violet for a night wedding during the winter months. Experiment with gold and silver work and wear traditional jewellery.

Blue Bridal Wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Blue Bridal Wear

Blue is one of the lesser known colours in Indian bridal wear. But it goes beautifully with silver and white especially for a beach wedding.

Green Bridal Wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Green Bridal Wear

Brides often also opt for colour blocking. Green, being another one of the most popular colours, can be combined with a chrome yellow and crimson. Brides also experiment with light green, fuchsia pink and orange. These colour combinations look fresh and very different from the normal hues for the bride.

velvet indian bridal wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Velvet Indian Bridal Wear

Next we come to the material and the outfit. Velvet and sheer took centre stage in 2013 for bridal wear and they haven’t completely vanished from the scene, yet. Velvet makes the colour and consequently the outfit, look extremely rich and sheer offsets with its subtlety. However, the appearance of a colour can change depending on the time of the day when worn and the material the outfit has been crafted out of. These factors should always be taken into consideration whilst choosing the right colour. Now we come to the most important part of any bridal outfit- What to wear?

western bridal wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Western Bridal Wear

All brides want to look as different as possible. Definitely not Lady Gaga’s meat dress-esque but they want to show a slight deviation from the traditional side. A lot of designers, right from Manish Malhotra to JJ Vallaya, have forayed into the India meets West category to come up with fusion bridal wear.

To wear fusion, team a lehenga or a full skirt with a corset or a short jacket without a dupatta and with Indian motifs for the D Day. The bride can also wear floor length dresses which are designed to mimic a saree, for example a saree gown. Speaking of sarees, did you know you could drape a saree in turn to look like a Grecian inspired dress? The bride can also opt for floor length full dresses to mimic anarkalis. Our tip- Wear the bottom half of the anarkali in sheer and wear pants instead of chudidar. For a bride who loves wearing pants, choose cropped pants with a short kurta for one of the ceremonies. Wear an Indianised version of floor length tail dress to wear on your Mehendi day.

Deepika in Indo Western Bridal Wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Deepika in Indo Western Bridal Wear

But sometimes fusion and western influence in the bridal outfit becomes so mainstream that going tradition offers a refreshing change. So if you will like to be that ‘hatke’ bride, why not experiment with your outfits for the preceding functions and look spectacular in a completely traditional lehenga, complete with a blouse and two dupattas? You will always have the choice of colours to play with.

We hope this helped all the ladies think of the various outfits they could wear and if you have a completely unique outfit in mind, why not share it with us and the other readers?

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