Heard About the Sony QX100 Camera Module?

January 22, 2014 Heard About the Sony QX100 Camera Module? @TheRoyaleIndia 560 0 0

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Why do you need a camera when you already have a smartphone with a 16 MP camera? Wait for a couple of months, and you might find yourself holding an handset with an awesome 20 MP snapper. But, phone cameras do come with their own set of drawbacks. The physical size of the camera unit is limited and the sensors and too tiny, incapable of taking in too much of light. And that’s the reason why you need a professional digital camera.

Why not turn your existing smartphone into powerful photography camera. The Sony QX100 smart lens helps you do that. The lens packs in all the essential components found in a compact digital camera. It connects to a smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection. As a result, the shot images can be instantly edited and shared online.

The Sony QX100 is compatible will all Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is install the Sony PlayMemories app onto your smartphone. The app gives you complete control over the lens and comes with awesome features that allow you to manage the quality settings and switch modes.

What about the Looks?

In terms of design, the device is similar to a standard camera lens. It weighs around 165g, so you will probably have a hard time pushing it down your pocket. The lens body is made up of metal. At the top lies the power button. It comes with a removable back panel that can easily be clipped on to your phone.

Should you go for it?

No doubt, your phone might already have a decent camera capable of shooting high quality images. But, you might probably want something more. Moreover, you may instantly want to share your pics with your friends. The QX100 can help you out with all of that.

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