23 ready-to-eat food companies in India

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Britannia Industries Limited: Britannia, founded in 1892, is the largest producer and seller of biscuit products in India. This company is based in Kolkata, West Bengal and is known as ‘The King of Biscuits’. Britannia company delivers a wide range of food products like Good Day, Britannia Cracker, Britannia nutria Choice, Britannia Little Hearts, Britannia bread and Britannia fruit-cakes, which are fresh and full of nutrients.

Image credits – britannia.co.in

Our Favourite:Britannia Cakes – Choco Chill

Britannia have an assorted range of fruit cakes and cookies of a myriad flavours. The chocolate flavoured cake is spongy and succulent. Each piece melts in your mouth like butter. The Britannia cakes are suitable for all ages and loved by all. No wonder because these cakes are one of a kind. Moms use it as an attractive breakfast option or a quick teatime snack. You can just grab a tasty bite at go during the day to satiate the hunger. These mouth-watering miniature bite sized treats are filled with the goodness of rich cocoa and milk.

Parle Products: The famous Parle-G, Monaco, KrackJack biscuits and many other confectionery such as Poppins, Melody, Mango Bites etc are produced by Parle Products, which is  one of the largest Indian food  companies. It has won the hearts of consumers of almost every home, across the length and breadth of India. The company was founded in 1929 and was catering biscuits to Indian homes since 1939. Their ad campaign in the newly independent India in 1947 showcased Gluco biscuits as a desi alternative to the biscuits made by the British.

Image credits – parleproducts.com

Our Favourite:Parle Monaco Cheeslings – Classic

Parle Monaco Cheeselings are the favourite snacks of people who like to dig in the jar of cheese! They are the perfect savouries that are crunchy to bite and cheesy in mouth. A snack that is suitable for all times and all ages. The baked goods can be used as a delicious alternative to quench the in-between meal hunger. This is undoubtedly one of the best selling products of Parle. You can binge eat the cheeselings as your teatime snack or make it fancy for a party with some tangy dips. Just grab a packet and munch on it with your friends while you indulge in some hot gossip.

Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.: since 1970, Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. has been a pioneer in promoting dairy products. it is the largest private sector dairy in India. Dairy ingredients are exported to 38 countries. It holds various quality certifications. This company has tied up with banks and has arranged animal loans for dairy farmers. It has established an extremely efficient supply chain management.

Image credits – dairynews.in

Our Favourite:Hatsun Skimmed Milk Powder

Hatsun Skimmed Milk Powder is light, delicious and healthy for consumption. It is made from the purest of the milk collected from the cows and is 99% fat free in nature. The products is an ideal choice for people looking for an alternative of milk that is fat free, full of milk goodness and yet easy to digest. The world today is busy and no one has enough time to exercise. The only rational way to watch your waistline is to tweak the diet. The skimmed milk powder is rich in protein, cholesterol free with no added sugar content.

Kwality Wall’s: Kwality Wall’s is famous for its delicious ice-creams. Having founded in 1956, the Kwality Wall’s ice-cream is now a household name in India. It’s headquarter is in Mumbai and its popular products are cornetto, feast, creamy delights and cassatta.

Image credits – Zomato

Our Favourite:kwality walls Frozen Dessert – Strawberry Cheesecake, Carte D’Or

You get Kwality Walls Strawberry Cheesecake with real strawberry pieces and a decadent strawberry sauce. The icecream is delightful in taste and smooth in texture. You get to relive your childhood fantasies of stuffing your mouth with strawberry shortcakes. The frozen dessert is best if your friend is going through a breakup or even if you want to celebrate something. The creamy and melt in mouth dessert gives you a kick with real strawberry chunks that comes in each bite. You can hoard these beautiful packaged boxes in your refrigerator that comes in a variety of flavours. You can be armed for all the occasions with such exotic flavours.

Rasna: India’s one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of beverages is Rasna, which has an effective nutritional value, superior natural taste and a maximum number of flavors. This company is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Its main products are Rasna, instant drink, Rasna frutants, Rasna syrups, Rasna fruit jam, Rasna fruit drink etc.

Our Favourite: Rasna Native Haat – Aam Panna

Rasna Native Haat in the flavour of Aam Panna is an instant drink concentrate mix. The drink mix is free of any unwanted chemical traces. There is also no need to add sugar because it is all natural in its form. The Aam Panna can be quickly made in 5 minutes to quench your thirst and take your taste buds on a ride. The goodness of mango helps you energise while maintaining the required level of water in the body. The concentrated mix helps in the flawless functioning of the immune system. Rasna has perfected their blend with 21 vitamins and glucose. It is a must if you are looking for something healthy and tasty.

Rei Agro: Rei Agro was established in 1996. Its vision was to consolidate the fragmented basmati industry. Its headquarter rests in Kolkata, West Bengal. India’s rei agro is the largest producer of processed basmati rice in the world. Raindrops basmati rice comes from the house of rei agro Ltd. This company is listed in Bombay Stock exchange, national stock exchange etc. Main brands of rei agro company are raindrops extra-long grain, raindrops gold supreme, raindrops gold royal and so on.

Our Favourite: Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam

One jar of Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam is full of all your favourite fruits. One scoop not only makes your breakfast taste better but also takes your nutrition level up. This is a medley of 8 fruits. You get the goodness of Banana, Papaya, Apple, Pear, Pineapple, Mango, Grape and Orange mix together in to one delicious jam. The jam can be used in multiple ways. It goes perfectly with parathas and bread. It can also be used to flavour the plain boring glass of milk or with crackers. You can let your creativity flow and come up with interesting combinations for your family. The jam comes in an assortment of flavours, therefore take your pick.

Kissan: Since 1935, Kissan has been present in India. Kissan has become the first ever fruit and vegetable brand in India. This company introduced new formats of food such as canned fruits and vegetables, baked beans etc. Innovation is the main approach in the case of kissan.

Image credits – hul.co.in

LT Foods: LT foods company was launched in 1980. Its flagship brand ‘Dawat’ is now recognized as the leading brand in the ready-to-eat food industry. The products of this company are branded rice, wheat and pulses, healthy snacks, spices and other value-added products like brown flex seeds and cashew nuts. In India, this company has a strong nationwide distribution network.

Image credits – ltoverseas.com

Our Favourite: Lt Foods, Royal Sharbati Atta

Lt foods has a long term standing commitment towards their consumers to deliver the finest products. Royal Sharbati Atta is exclusively sourced from the golden grains of Sehore. Sehore is located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India. The wheat grains of Sehore are widely famous for the premium Sharbati Wheat which is considered a great source of iron and fibre. The texture of the wheat flour is superior that results in the fluffy golden chapattis that stays soft for long time.

Modern dairies: Modern Dairies is situated at the center of milk rich belt in Karnal, just 136 km away from north Delhi. So, abundant milk supply ensures a regular working for the company. This company uses ultra- modern machinery, supplied by reputed manufacturers. Modern dairies deliver a variety of milk and milk products for the domestic as well as international markets.

Modern Dairies Malai Paneer

Our Favourite: The Malai Paneer of the brand Modern Dairy is silky in texture and taste. The white block is full of protein, fibre and calcium. You can cut the cottage cheese into large chunks for paneer makhni, shahee paneer or simply toast them with salt and pepper. The paneer is made out of fresh and rich milk that results in healthy and full of nutrient cottage cheese. The inclusion of paneer in daily diet is essential to maintain the vitals of a fully functioning body. Cottage cheese is a mandatory item for growing kids and adults who indulge in physical labour. A variety of dishes can be prepared out of Modern Dairy Malai Paneer.

Heritage Foods Ltd.: Heritage Foods Ltd. is one of the leading food processing companies in India. The heritage group was established in 1992 by Mr. Nara Chandra Baba Naidu. The fastest growing private sector enterprises in India, the heritage group, has five business divisions, namely, dairy, retail, agro bakery and renewable energy.

Our favourite : Heritage Flavored Milk – Badam

Let us all bring home, health and happiness with Heritage Badam taste milk. The milk based drink is full of nutrients and is balanced with required amount of carbohydrates and proteins. It also has the suggested amounts of bone boosting calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D. The appetizing flavour of almonds will get you hooked to the flavoured milk. This is the kind of nutrition you must add in your day to day life. Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for a healthy growth and this drink is a tasty way to inculcate it in life.

Kohinoor Foods Limited: Kohinoor Foods Limited is a global Indian food processing company. The company was established in 1989. It holds Guinness record for making the ‘world’s largest biriyani’. The company offers one of the finest basmati rice brands. Other food products of this company include wheat flour, ready- to- eat curries and meals, simmer sauces, cooking pastes to spices and frozen food.

Image credits – foodiegang.wordpress.com

Our favourite: Kohinoor Basmati Rice – Platinum

The authentic basmati rice comes from the mesmerising valleys and snow clad mountains of Himalayas. You get the platinum range of Kohinoor which is a rare gift from nature. The taste of these Indian Basmati rice is divine. When you cook the rice you will notice the sweet signature aroma and heavenly flavour of the authentic Basmati which is unparallel. Kohinoor Platinum Rice is aged to perfection for nearly 24 months making it the best choice for all rice lovers out there. All you need is one packet to get drawn to the foothills of Himalayas.

Ruchi: Ruchi Soya, the country’s largest solvent extraction, and edible oil refining company, has emerged as the leader of India’s edible oil industries. It has 5 port- based refineries, 3 standalone crushing plants, 8 integrated crushing and refining plants, one refinery and vanaspati plant and 2 palm fruit processing units. The company’s brands are nutrela, vanaspati and sunrich.

Ruchi Nutrela Soya

The soya chunks are made up of 100% flour of soy beans. Soy bean products are claimed to be an effective substitute products for people who do not want to derive their protein from meat and eggs. Soy chunks are 100% pure vegetarian item full of protein and other vitamins. They can be used in any gravy to alleviate the taste and make it more nutritious. The chunks spread their flavour all over. When compared to meat and eggs the protein content in soy chunks is 54%. It is advisable for a healthier heart because of low fat and cholesterol free traits.

Amul: having founded in 1946, The Amul company is today managed by the Gujarat Co-operative milk marketing federation Ltd. Amul, the co- operative farm, was formed as a response to the exploitation of marginal milk producers by traders. The products of Amul company are milk, butter, cheese etc.. Being the largest milk producer in the world, amul is marketed by 22 state marketing federations, ensuring a better life for millions.

Image credits – selvamandselvam.in

Our favourite: Amul Butter – Pasteurized

The name Amul is synonymous to Butter across the length and breadth of India. For several generations the Indians have been hooked to the buttery taste for several decades now. Today we can find the slab of Amul butter on the breakfast table of all households. It is generously used in all the dishes, be it a hot parantha or a fresh omelette. A dollop of butter can make everything taste so much more delicious.

Dabur Foods Ltd.: Dabur India Limited is the fourth largest FMCG company in India. For the past 125 years, the Dabur company has been providing nature –based solutions for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Its food products include fruit juices with the brand names real, burst and active, spices paste- homemade, sauces- Capsico and refreshment drinks- Lemoneez. Dabur is now a household name in India.

Our favourite: Dabur Honey

Are you a health enthusiast? If the answer is yes then you are already aware of the benefits of honey. The golden hue of this potent liquid are said to cure multiple ailments naturally. This has proven to be an excellent replacement for refined sugar that not only increases the taste of beverages but keep the nutrients intact. The honey is extracted from the dense forests of Sunderbans. The purest of pure syrup can help you stay fit, feel younger and live healthier. For the weight watchers, a spoonful of honey in lukewarm early in the morning can help you manage the weight.

Godrej beverage and foods Ltd: A joint venture between the Hershey company and Godrej group named GHL was formed in 2007. GHL operates in multiple categories such as confectionery, beverages, and grocery items. Nutrine Confectionery Company is a key portfolio for GHL. The beverage portfolio includes fruit drinks, juices, and soya milk.

Our favourite: Godrej Yummiez Nuggets – Chicken

Yummiez Chicken nuggets are a delight for kids and adults alike. They are fully fried but lightly breaded. The nuggets are juicy, tender and crispy when fried! The yummiez nuggets are made up of fresh meat. The ingredients used are easy and completely free of all types of chemical preservatives or fillers. All you need to do is to deep fry the frozen goods in the oil until the nuggets turn golden brown. But be careful and do not thaw the nuggets before frying. This will cause the breadcrumbs to fall off the nuggets which will compromise the taste.

Lakshmi Energy: Lakshmi energy is a food processing company in India. It is based in Punjab. Wheat and rice are main products of this company. This company grows 40% of rice and 70% of wheat, grown in India. Laksmi energy delivers products like basmati and non-basmati rice, rice bran oil and wheat flour.

Image credits – lakshmigroup.in

Our favourite: Lakshmi Energy Real Chakki Atta

No Indian meal is complete without light, fluffy and soft chapattis. Lakshmi energy brings to you the finest and grounded wheat flour for your kitchen. You can buy the premium quality atta and be assured of the wholesome goodness of wheat grains. The wheat crops are selected after multiple screenings to bring to you the finest possible flour the health of your family. The rotis come out fluffy and light that your family would love to binge on. Now you can do away with the practise of buying the wheat grains and getting them grounded because now you can just buy a pack of Lakshmi Energy Real Chakki Atta.

Vadilal Industries Limited: The Vadilal Company is an Indian food processing company. It serves its customers with the high quality and best products. The products of this company are ice-cream and processed food which satisfies the customers’ need to a great extent.

Image credits – vadilalgroup.com

Our favourite: Vadilal Golden Fantasy Cake

The Vadilal Golden Fantasy Cake is a premium quality of ice cream cake. The taste is exotic and you would enjoy it in every bite. The cake is decorated in a unique way that increases your appetite. You can stock up on these ice cream cakes because who needs a reason to gorge on such yummy desserts. All you need is good company to share the huge cake with. Vadilal has a huge range of ice creams and ice cream cakes. The products are made up of pure cow milk which gives rich and creamy texture to the creams. One bite is all you need to reach as close as possible to the heaven.

Kellogg’s: From cereals to snacks, Kellogg’s is one of India’s oldest instant food brands that began with the humble Cornflakes in 1994, a meal that most of us have had once in our lifetime for sure. Today, Kellogg’s sells a variety of healthy and tasty breakfast cereal varieties in a number of exciting flavors, oats, muesli, instant snacks and is doing a great job at it too!

MTR: Established in 1924 as a restaurant in Bangalore, it was the founding family, the Maiya’s that decided to expand the business and out came the instant mixes, pickles, papads, ready-to-eat curries and gravies, milk beverages, spices and more and has today left footprints of its success all across the globe.

McCain: Fairly new to the Indian market, McCain foods is a subsidiary of its Canadian counterpart and has been involved in agricultural R&D since 1998 in India. Today, McCain provides a range of delicious ready-to-eat frozen food like McCain French fries, Aloo Tikki, Smilies, Cheesy bites, and other delectable snack items that all you need to do is unfreeze, and fry!

ITC India (Kitchens of India): With brands such as Kitchens of India that sell ready-to-cook curries, rice dishes you just have to heat and serve, pickles and the likes, it’s indeed an easy-peasy foray into the gourmet world and really not that difficult to ask for delicious goodies almost every day, sans the trouble of cooking them.

Nestle (Maggi): Now I’m sure this brand needs no introduction, nor does the insanely famous “2 minute noodles”. Maggi Noodles has been a staple childhood diet for so many of us, be it a quick-n-easy snack, a midnight snack, hostel snacking or emergency meal, this famous instant food brand by Nestle India is truly a life-saver and one of India’s most popular ready-to-eat processed foods as well. Today, Maggi noodles are no longer the simple masala flavoured ones we ate before. Available in Chicken and Tomato flavours and also in a healthier wheat noodles variety, Maggi has also a range of cup noodles, soups, soup cubes, pasta and instant masala mixes available for everyday use.

Eat Dil Khul Ke

The best thing these varied options for Food & Dining offers is that no longer does one have to worry about rushing home from work and chopping veggies or making rice. Gone are the headaches, trials and tribulations; be it because of a busy work schedule or a non-romantic relationship with your kitchen, these ready-to-eat processed meals can be easily ordered and are a true blue life-saver, and even if they’re not always the healthy option, they’re sure convenient to use.

We all know that ready –to –eat products are the partially cooked stuff, which is quickly processed and placed on the table. Several benefits are associated with the ready- to- eat foods. As these foods are already cooked, quite less amount of time is required to prepare it. So time-saving is the key benefit. Besides, ready –to eat foods are easily available anytime. Therefore, there is no question of scarcity of these foods. Sometimes, it is said that ready- to- eat foods are not hygienic. But it must be kept in mind that at the time of preparation of these foods, hygiene and quality are given a substantial amount of care. Ready- to- eat foods are full of nutritional values. Last but not the least, these foods are relevant to our fast life. So you may have it dil khul ke!

23 ready- to- eat food companies in India


Brand names



Biscuits, fruit cakes, bread

Kwality wall’s

Ice-cream like cornetto, feast, creamy delights


Rasna instant drink, rasna frutants, rasna syrups, rasna fruit jam, rasna fruit drink


Cakes, pastry, chocolates, bread, snacks

Rei agro

Basmati rice


Canned fruits and vegetables, baked beans

LT foods

Rice, wheat, pulses, healthy snacks, spices and other value-added products like brown flex seeds, cashew nuts

Modern dairies

Milk and milk- products

Heritage foods

Dairy products


Basmati rice, wheat, flour, ready-to-eat curries and meals, simmer sauces, cooking pastes, spices, frozen food


Soyabean, soya oil


Milk, butter, cheese

Dabur foods

Fruit juices, sauces, refreshment drinks


Beverages, fruit drinks, juices and soya milk


Dairy products

Lakshmi energy

Basmati, non-basmati rice, rice bran oil, wheat flour


Ice-cream, processed food


breakfast cereals, oats, muesli, instant snacks


instant mixes, pickles, papads, ready-to-eat curries and gravies, milk beverages, spices


ready-to-eat frozen food like French fries, Aloo Tikki, Smilies, Cheesy bites

ITC India (Kitchens of India)

ready-to-cook curries, rice dishes, pickles

Nestle (Maggi)

Noodles, cup noodles, soups, soup cubes, pasta and instant masala mixes, ready-to-eat processed foods

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