Healthy food for hyperactive toddlers

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So your toddler runs after that street dog in the garden when you are looking away, he manages to empty the entire toy box in matter of seconds and abandons it minutes later to get in to the kitchen to make music with utensils. In another hour we would have climbed on dining table, laughed, cried and ran off to play with neighbor’s kid! Your hyperactive toddler definitely tires you down and leaves you with question does his diet do justice to keep up those energy levels?

Putting your quandary to rest, here is what your toddler should have on his daily dish:-

Low fat yogurt or cottage cheese

Yogurt could be plain, sweet or salted, depending on what your toddler prefers. You can also add easily digestible fruits like bananas to yogurt to make it more nutritious. Similarly, cheese is very good for toddlers as it helps in making the bones strong.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are excellent source of good fat and must be given in moderate quantities. Nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios; peanuts etc could be grinded finely and mixed in milk. Sunflower or pumpkin seeds could also be used.

Say no to processed foods

Agreed that your little one has developed a thing for ice creams but that could be the main culprit. Food additives and artificial sweeteners can trigger the nervous system, making toddlers hyperactive. Instead, foods rich in magnesium and calcium that is found in vegetables, fruits and nuts can be extremely calming. Try giving your kids vegetable soups. There are plenty of vegetables you could choose from – tomatoes, corn, carrot, spinach etc.


Peaches come loaded with natural sedative that help relieve stress and anxiety in toddlers. And it is far better than artificial food products that are flooding the super markets these days.


Berries like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and help keep cortisol – the stress hormone in check.


Vitamin C and muscle relaxing potassium present in oranges is highly recommended for hyperactive toddlers. Along with this, apples and bananas are good source for vitamins, ideal to keep the hyperactivity in your toddler intact.

Dark chocolate

Adults in the family have the tendency to feed the little one with loads of sweet chocolates. But this is not good for toddler’s health as well the new teeth. So, as a replacement, dark chocolate could be used sometimes. The toddler might not like the taste in the first place but dark chocolate is an excellent way to calm down your hyperactive toddler.

Remember to also curtail consumption of any sort of junk food and colas. All this will not only increase the hyperactivity levels in your kids but also add to your waist line. So, choose their food wisely. Toddlers and young kids might get cranky if they are not fed their favourite foods. But with caution and care, they will gradually develop a taste for healthier food items.

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