Health Watch: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Eat When You Are Stressed

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Urban lifestyle makes stress play an imperative role in our lives. Few things can swing your mood the right way than what features on your daily meal. Of course, food is vital for our well-being. Yet, it is our gastronomical choices that often lead to the direct health problems we face. Food is a way of interaction with the environment around us. However, when we eat, we do not consider what substances our morsels are carrying till inside. It seems the food you eat doesn’t just shape your physical health but extends beyond. Your food choices can affect your moods and even increase the level of stress you experience. After all, what are we but a chain of chemical reactions? That’s why it is important to filter out foods which can worsen stress and anxiety. If not nipped in the bud, stress can accumulate into something more sinister, depression. People tend to reach for comfort foods to counter stress. The sugar dipped goodies may perk up your mood instantly, but the happy-high hardly lasts for long. Eating fatty foods high in calorie can decrease the metabolic rate, causing weight gain. Such foods are your enemies in disguise of a friend. Let’s find out which foods to strictly avoid during your most stressful days.

1. Those Wicked Potato Chips

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Personal life going haywire or work pressure keeping you sleepless, adult life has an abundance of stressful situations. Stress acts act as a trigger for unhealthy food cravings. Usually, the types of foods that top the list are sweet and salty. Endless munching of potato chips can be your secret of tackling the battle with stress. Sadly, it is not just you who is eating the chips. The chips is eating you up as well. They contain negligible amounts of vitamins and minerals if any. Instead, they are full of fat and salt. On top of that, potato chips are the greatest source of trans-fat which speeds up weight gain, especially around the midriff. If you don’t want to turn into a couch potato in a literal sense, chuck the potato chips out now!

2. The Sinful Lattes


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Are you in love with the smell, look and rich taste of lattes? Whenever there is a break from work, or you are meeting clients outside, you don’t miss sipping on your favorite brew. They make you feel as if you have a grip on your fast-paced life. In reality, the only thing that lattes do best increases your dependence on caffeine kick. Too much of caffeine can make one jittery and lose focus. A large cup of latte contains more than 35% of the fat an adult requires a day. With cafés in the craze, brewers are coming up with trendier and tastier versions of the latte. For example, there are lattes infused with vanilla or chocolate. They can offer up to 380 calories, without quenching your hunger. Making you add sandwiches and sides to the coffee break. Plus, lattes usually have more than 14.8 mg of fat content per cup. All in all, this can result in weight gain and further frustration for you.

3. Those Mischievous Pastries and Donuts

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The brain’s sugar craving knows no end, especially when you are going through stressful moments. Layers and layers of chocolate topped with a dollop of vanilla cream or crunchy choco-chips, pastries are made for indulgence. If your sweet tooth is sharp, then chances are that a box of cupcakes can give you the thrill. Or, maybe it is glazed donuts that you have become used to having for breakfast, mid-day meals and sometimes for lunches as well. Baked confections are one of the most harmful to go down your throat. They rush more sugar into your blood which in the long run can amount to an imbalance of the insulin hormone. Made with refined flour and white sugar they can easily wreak havoc on the health front. One single donut contains up to 300 calories. The triglycerides and trans-fat from it can slowly choke up the veins, pushing you towards heart diseases. Needless to say, that weight gain is also a by-product of reckless sugar binging. Since no amounts of sugary foods can keep stress at bay for long, soon it can turn into a vicious cycle. It is better to keep a strict tab on the sweet munchies.

4. The Notorious Ice-creams

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Every spoonful spreads delightful and luxurious ecstasy through your tongue. Nevertheless, ice-creams are one of the most evil foods to have when you are stressed. For one thing, you cannot control the amount you have. Even a tub might fail to satisfy! When our body is stressed, you start getting anxious. This is the moment when the adrenal glands release cortisol hormone. As the level of this hormone rises in your bloodstream, your appetite increases at an equal pace. Even if you are not really hungry, you feel like spreading a King’s treat for yourself. Ice-creams often come handy in such situations. The carbohydrate content of ice-cream is almost fully made up of sugar which escalates the cortisol level further. When you get into such a loop of binging, stopping is highly difficult. As you can guess there are few health benefits to such indulgences.
5. The Pernicious Fries and Fried Food Items

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This is a huge category that lists a number of your favourite snacks like fried chicken wings to French fries. The sodium content of fried foods is high which makes them unhealthy. They absorb a lot of oil that transfers cholesterol and fat to your body. In most restaurants, food is fried in hydrogenated oil. Hydrogenating is a process that makes vegetable oil thicker so that they have a longer lifespan. Frying in this type of oil makes the food that comes to your table laden with trans-fat. No matter how stressed or worried you are, seeking comfort in foods like this can hardly offer solution. Rather, the trans-fat from fried food will make you more prone to depression. Add mayonnaise and butter sauces to fried foods and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Consumption of high-fat dairy and oily fries can prevent blood flow to your brain. Substitute these foods with grilled sandwiches for a more filling experience.

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