Health tips by Couponraja: What should you consume during COVID-19 lockdown?

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COVID-19 is a ghastly Pandemic declared by the WHO worldwide. Our lives have been completely disturbed and obstructed. We all are staying indoors, and the working professionals are completely observing work from home.

Staying at home might seem to ease your lives initially, but it has a major drawback on your lifestyle. Amidst the lockdown, we need to catch up with our metabolism and maintain good health.

A sedentary lifestyle often leads to weight gain, digestive disorders and slows down our metabolism considerably. It is very important to keep your health intact and boost your immunity to fight against any infection.

Here’s what you should try consuming while staying at home:

  • Vitamin C rich foods:Vitamin C boosts your immunity and also makes your skin glowing & supple. Try including citrus foods in your diet like sweet lime, Oranges and lemons. A glass of “shikanji” or “Nimbu Paani” consumed during the afternoon after your meals can improve your digestion.

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  • Yogurt/Curd:Yogurt/Curd is a very good source of calcium and it is also a pro-biotic. It shall take care of your gut and will keep your body hydrated too. You can consider adding chia seeds and some flavor to our yogurt to make it tasty

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  • Nuts and Super seeds:Nuts play an important role in our bone development as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for our body. Try to consume almonds, walnuts, and raisins. Also, it is important to maintain your weight during this time. Flax seeds and chia seeds aid in weight loss and proper digestion as well.

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  • Water:Your water intake should be high to keep your body hydrated. One should drink at least 9 glasses of water a day and also try to have Luke warm water to prevent any throat soreness.

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  • Spices and condiments:Spice up your food with herbs and condiments to make your food tasty and flavourful. Turmeric and black pepper powder are necessary for our foods as they fasten up the healing process and prevent infections too. Garlic and ginger also give the aroma to our food, and they are anti-carcinogens too.

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Healthy food is vital to keep ourselves fit along with an ample amount  of exercise. Staying at home can be a challenge but home fitness and yoga can be practiced. Make a daily fitness plan along with a balanced diet to keep you rejuvenated. Form healthy habits such as washing and sanitizing hands for at least 20 seconds, wearing a mask in case if you step out of your house (avoid doing that as far as possible.). In case of any flu-like symptoms do not hesitate to call a doctor to rule out the possibility of COVID-19.

Coronavirus outbreak is one of the worst pandemics which has hit the world and economy. So many deaths have been reported worldwide and the cases and increasing day by day. But by following a healthy lifestyle  and habits we can combat this pandemic and reduce the spread of COVID-19. As we always say ‘Prevention is better than cure’, let us all stand united to fight against COVID-19 we have smoother lives soon

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