Advantages of being the 21st Century Women

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So I’m today’s woman… Aren’t I the privileged one? No? You don’t think so? …Well, if you think being a woman of this millennium is a curse, here are 7 solid commandments why today’s woman should be thankful that they belong to the ‘woman’s’ elite club in 2017.

1. Women Can Wear Any Colour

Colour Clever @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: Pinterest

Colour Clever: Ah yes, nothing is as beautiful as the multihued variants of life. Vibrant red, blush pink, neon green, sunny yellow…. And the list goes on… And guess what as women, we can try out all the colours under the sun. Radiant, beautiful and colour crazy… No fuddy duddy boring shades govern our lives. For we are today’s woman – we personify colour so have a kaleidoscope of hues shading our lives. Of course, men be colourful too but then they get tagged as ‘metrosexual’ and what not! Women on the other hand, are to the manor born. Whenever you think colour, you think woman!

2. Women Don’t Care About Facial Hair

Facial Hair @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: FashionLady

Hair ‘no’ Bore: Thank God, we don’t have to bother about a 7 a.m. or a 7 p.m. stubble. No ugh fuzzy facial hair covering our faces and hiding our good looks or worse still giving us that horrid itchy feeling in the peak of summer. We show off my radiant visage to all and sundry. And yes, thankfully, we don’t have a ghunghat to hide our gorgeous looks… Hurray for being today’s woman!

3. Women Have Special Powers

Woman Enjoying Takeaway Drink On Bus Journey @TheRoyaleIndia

Source : The Huffington Post

Respect Guaranteed: And guess what, as a woman we command respect wherever we go. Let’s look at this scenario…. It’s a crowded bus and there are no seats. The poor men in the bus are hanging on to the bus strap or each other for dear life, and in walks a woman. And a sea of change takes place…. The conductor shouts at the men sitting on the ladies seat to move. And there we have the lady fresh as a daisy sniggering as she sits down in comfort while the men stare at the Gods upwards cursing their lot for not being born a woman.

4. Women Rule:

women in office @TheRoyaleIndia

Source : The Huffington Post

Office Etiquette: Or at office the poor man sits late till the wee hours of the night polishing up the nitty-gritties of his project. He calls up 350 people to cross check the facts and figures, and in walks the Boss who barely listens to him. His woman colleague, on the other hand, flashes her best smile and rattles off the details. Impressed, the boss gives the project to the lady colleague with the best smile saying, “Oh women are far more responsible. I know… I have two daughters!”, leaving the poor man tearing his hair. Lesson learnt: Women rule! …And if this is not proof, here’s one more classic example.

5. Women are superior beings:

shopping @TheRoyaleIndia

source; wiseGEEK

Shopping Horror: The lady of the house walks into the shopping mall accompanied by a ‘gasping for breath’ lord of the manor. The minute she enters the mall, the man laces up his sneakers and is ready to race along with her … And while she goes on a rampage ambushing every nook ‘n’ crany of the mall, the man races to pick up the tab, of course, with a sinking heart… praying the end is near. But the end is never near, of course! Without a hesitation, the lady continues her rampage, picking up a humongous amount of groceries, crockeries and clothes – after all, one should always be ready for Dooms Day. The perspiring man, in the meantime, mentally calculates his fast dwindling finances while he works out his muscles carrying all the shopping bags. Reaching home, looking radiant and fresh, the woman sighs, “oh shopping is sure hard work, I need a rest.” And promptly transfers the running of the home and the hearth on the Lord of The Manor… Oh isn’t it just wonderful being a woman!

6. Women today make the decisions and wear the pants in a relationship:

travel @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: Elina Bromberg

Travel Travails: The Lady decides it’s time to have a family holiday – “we’ll all bond,” she says – and chalks out the travel plans rather meticulously. Hmm… it is Kulu Manali or is it Sri Lanka… Okay, it’s decided, it’s Morocco! “All you have to do is sit back and relax as I make the travel plans,” she tells the man. From hotel bookings, sightseeing to a food trail, the trip is sure to be a hit. But of course, the worst hit is the man who looks at his bank account dip dangerously to the red level. But of course, he has to look as if he’s having a blast though he’s being blasted inside several times over.. Isn’t it fun being a woman?

7. Women live free and are liberated:

liberated @TheRoyaleIndia

source: Pink Collar Nation

Liberation, Yay!: Forget about burning bras, the empowered Ms doesn’t believe in being shackled by male chauvinism, anymore. She knows her rights and she knows how to get them. She knows when to put her foot down and when to open her mouth. After all, today’s woman believes in being heard, and, how! And so when the lady of the manor speaks her mind, the man tends to look at the floor, praying fervently that the floor sinks and he gets pulled underneath, ready to be united with the maker.

Ha ha! Be cautioned… this is a tongue-in-cheek article about women supremacy. But of course, in the real world, things are still way different. But for now, let’s just laugh heartily about the so-called advantages of being a woman, and say happy women’s day!

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