11 Lesser Known Facts About Rajinikanth, The ‘Thalaivar” Of Tamil Cinema On His 66th Birthday

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Megastar Rajinikanth is not an ordinary human being. He is the ‘Thalaivar’; the undisputed leader and idol of millions. It’s his charisma that makes him such a larger-than-life figure for all of us. Considered a demi-God by his fans, no other actor inspires such mass hysteria and fan frenzy as Rajinikanth does. Despite his superstar status, Rajinikanth is a simple and down to earth man. He always stands up to greet everyone who enters the sets of his movies for the day’s shoot.

As the Thalaivar turns 66 on the 12th December 2016, here are eleven facts that prove his superstar status beyond any doubt:

  • Maharashtrian Roots:

rajnikanth childood pictures @TheRoyaleIndia

Rajinikanth is a Maharashtrian by birth. He was born in Bengaluru in a Marathi family to Ramabai and Ramoji Rao Gaekwad. His mother was a housewife, and his father was a police constable.

  • Himalayan Retreat:

rajnikanth himalaya connection @TheRoyaleIndia

After every movie, Rajnikanth takes a break and usually, goes to the Himalayas with his old buddies to unwind.

  • Epic Earnings:

Rajnikanth highest paid actor @TheRoyaleIndia

The superstar is reportedly the highest paid actor in India and the second highest in the entire Asia.

  • Experience with Different Forms of Cinema:

rajnikanth different movie types @TheRoyaleIndia

Rajinikanth is the first Indian actor to have worked with the various kinds of technology that cinema offers: black-and-white, colour, 3D and even the recently launched motion capture.

  • IMDb’s Top 50 list:

rajnikanth enthiran @TheRoyaleIndia

Rajinikanth’s film Enthiran was the first Tamil film to be featured on IMDb’s Top 50 list in the year 2010. The film even got included as a case study in the IIM-Ahmedabad postgraduate elective course, Contemporary Film Industry: A Business Perspective. You can enjoy this amazing movie without spending much by simply checking out the latest BookMyShow offers.

  • Philanthropist:

rajnikanth raghavendra kalyanam mandapam free marraiges @TheRoyaleIndia

Rajinikanth has built a marriage hall in Chennai called Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam where twenty-five free marriages are performed in the hall every year.

  • Compensates distributor losses:

rajnikanth distributor covers @TheRoyaleIndia

Rajinikanth is one of the few actors who covers the losses of his distributors when his films fail.

  • From Bus Conductor to Superstar:

rajnikanth journey bus conductor to actor @TheRoyaleIndia

The superstar is the only actor to be featured in the CBSE Syllabus in a lesson titled ‘From Bus Conductor to Superstar’. That’s really something, right!

  • Twitter craziness:

rajnikanth twitter fan following @TheRoyaleIndia

When Rajnikanth debuted on Twitter, he amassed over 210,000 followers within 24 hours which makes for the fastest rate of followers among Indian celebrities – and ranks among the top 10 in the world!

  • Signature Rajini Tune:

Every film of the superstar has one thing in common — an exclusive signature tune that begins when the opening credits roll in. The music sets the mood, and the prefix starts to roll in block letters – S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R and transitions into R-A-J-I-N-I.

  • Prolific Career:

rajnikanth birthday wishes first movie @TheRoyaleIndia

Since his first movie ‘Apoorva Raagangal’ in 1975 to ‘Kabali’ that released in July this year – the actor has acted in not less than 169 movies. That makes it more than four movies every year since the last 41 years. That’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

Here’s wishing our ‘Thalaivar’ a very Happy Birthday, may he continues entertaining us with his one-of-a-kind acting!

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