Happy 25th Birthday www.!

March 14, 2014 www turns 25 @TheRoyaleIndia 466 0 0

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Yes, the world’s best know abreev- www has turned 25! Yay!

Where is the party with liquor (since in India you can now officially now drink hard liquor)? For those who don’t know it is also and was formerly known as the ‘World Wide Web’. Yes, those 3 www’s actually do stand for something. No, they are not just a combination of a random letter to continue you to that website. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is to be credited for this amazing change in humanity. Why, the World Wide Web is younger than I am. (God! That is just sad). Sir Tim began toying with an idea of improving ideas exchange and better communication amongst the bajillion scientists at CERN in Switzerland.

His computer, on which he developed this extraordinary vital organ, was a black desk top and the only evidence of its importance is a torn white sticker which screams, ‘This machine is a server: DO NOT POWER IT DOWN!!’

First Web Server @TheRoyaleIndia

The then 34 years old physics graduate submitted a paper titled ‘Information Management – A proposal’. As any good story goes, it wasn’t received with a lot of enthusiasm. We will now like to ask those kill joys what would they have done had not Sir Tim persevered, eh? You wouldn’t have ‘Googled’ anything or ‘Tweeted’ that picture which got RT’d and then ‘regrammed’.

While answering questions on Reddit, Sir Tim answered, ‘I never expected so many cats’ to the question of revealing that one thing he expected out of his creation. Oh well, just goes to show how intelligent humans actually are. But here at The Royale, we firmly believe in celebrating all things good, so we are busy clicking away on the online shopping websites as a tribute to this extraordinary invention.

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