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The stunning Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was officially unveiled at IFA 2013. The gadget boosts larger screen and visibly new design. Samsung Galaxy Gear as well as the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition were unveiled at the same events, while design changes of Note 3 received lots of applauds.

Its predecessor Galaxy Note was introduced as a flagship ‘phablet’ and since its inception it has been receiving a huge competition from Xperia Z Ultra; at the same time Alcatel One Touch Hero was fighting for its space in the mobile market. With the introduction of Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has offered a serious update and definitely leads the pack.


  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes packed with a new design, which boosts a soft-touch back. With this design, Samsung wants to offer its user a connection between the classic old notebooks and smartphone.
  • The thinner and extra slimmer Note 3 comes with dimensions of 151.2mmx79.2mmx8.3mm and a larger 5.7-inches display. The smartphone is 12 grams lighter than its predecessor and weighs only 168 grams.
  • The back feels nice to hold. It is delicately soft, while a little tactile as well. However, the whole unit feels very solid. Earlier Samsung gadgets were known to be overly plasticky and fragile, but with Note 3 this is certainly going to change.
  • With these entire amazing features, one thing that disappoints is the touch of the gadget. Relatively, you have to press really hard on the screen using the S-Pen.


One of the first things that you will notice about Note 3 is its display. The gadget is really huge with 5.7 inches screen, which boosts a Full HD Super AMOLED panel and an impressive resolution of 1920×1080. It has a pixel density of 386ppi.  Thanks to Samsung’s Super AMOLEDs, you will fall in love with the incredibly vibrant display, which comes with a deep contrast. In addition to this, the viewing angles of Note 3 are excellent too.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a 13 mega pixel camera, which can shoot Ultra-HD 4K video at 30fps, slow Motion at 120fps as well as FHD at 60fps. You can use the 2 mega pixel secondary camera for clicking that selfies. Trust us; you will love the Samsung’s Dual Shot, Dual Video Call and Dual Recording features.


  • The gadget has received a serious hardware boost. This 3G model features the 1.9GHz octa-core processor. Moreover, the 4G/LTE version will be sporting a most-talked 2.3GHz Qualcomm quad-core processor.
  • Note 3 has set a new benchmark for smartphone hardware. It sports an impressive 3GB RAM and comes with a storage capacity of either 32 or 64GB of and microSD support up to 64 GB. Considering all the features, Note 3 is definitely one of the most powerful mobile devices ever created by Samsung.
  • Do remember, you will need all that power if you are planning to run the new S-Pen functionality as well as the multi-tasking apps.
  • The smartphone feature a Bluetooth 4.0, an IR LED and NFC. One of the major additions to Note 3 is its power, and the impressive Air Command function. As you hover over the screen using S-Pen and press the button on the side of the S-Pen takes you to a new menu, where various exciting features are showcased.
  • The Action Memo is a simple notepad interface, which will allow you to scribble your notes. You can save them to your Notebook app as well. When you select the note, the app recognises what has been scribbled and provides automatic options to you. For example, if a name and number has been scribbled, Action Memo automatically recognises it and gives you the option of adding it to your contacts.
  • Another interesting feature, Screenwipe allows you to take a screenshot and edit it. You can send, share or save the image to the Scrapbook. S-Finder is one of the most powerful search engines, which recognizes anything on your Note, starting from your apps to files and photos to folders. It diverts you to Google search engine if you want to search online.
  • Finally, Note 3 has a Pen Window, which allows you draw a window on the screen. You can then select the apps which you want to use within that window. For example, if you draw a small window on the top right on the screen and select the calculator in that window, then there’s your calculator.

Battery: Samsung Note 3 comes with a battery to 3,200mAh, which is over the 3,100mAh battery of Galaxy Note 2.

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