5 Hairdos That make you look fabulous in no time!

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Straight, curvy, long or short! Different types of hair have different styles that suit them. Also, there’s the face cut to keep in mind while styling. And especially in our busy lives where we do not even have time for a proper breakfast, hairstyling is the last thing on our to-do list. But remember, your overall appearance depends on how you style your hair. Be it a formal look, casual or just a messy one, everything can be achieved only if you get your hairstyle right.

So here are top 5 hairstyles that are in vogue this season. They’re very easy to replicate and will make you look like a total babe in a matter of minutes! You can thank me later.

Accessorized Updo for the classy look

Hair Updos With Accessories @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : fanshare.com

An up do has always been in trend, and the classiness it gives to your face is just about exemplary. But what’s in trend now is an upgraded version of our normal up do! It’s not complicated at all. Just pick out some cool accessories as per your liking and fit them onto your up do.

Hair Updos @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : weddinous.com

For a more natural and simple look, you could pick out a beautiful red rose! Pair it with some red lipstick and you won’t look anything short of a royal beauty queen!

Boho Waves for the beach look

Beach Wave Hairstyles @TheRoyaleIndia

Everyone loves beach hair! The bleachy colour along with the messy waves are to die for! But you can’t go to the beach every time you want your hair to look that way, can you?

How To Get Boho Waves @TheRoyaleIndia

But if you have a straightening iron at home, you can achieve that sultry look in no time! All you have to do is braid your hair, place your braid inside the straightening iron for a couple of seconds, free your braid and there you have it!

Boho Hairstyles @TheRoyaleIndia

If you do not own a straightening iron, you could simple braid your wet hair and use a hair dryer to dry them. Let go and enjoy the extra attention from all the boys around!

Bohemian braids for the hippie look

Bohemian Braids @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : hairchickjenae.files.wordpress.com

Bohemian braids look absolutely stunning and there are so many varieties too!

Bohemian Braid Crown @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : www.thebridehairstyles.com

You could try a braid crown to look like a queen.

Bohemian Flowy Hairstyle @TheRoyaleIndia

Image source : pinimg.com

Or let a few tiny braids run along with your flowy hair.

Bohemian Hair Bun @TheRoyaleIndia

image source -lovethispic.com

Or just opt for a braided bun! Bohemian braids have the ability to make a girl look casual yet elegant and make all the guys weak in their knees too.

Braid wrapped pony tail for the cutesy look

braid wrapped ponytail @TheRoyaleIndia

A nice summer party or a romantic date, this hairstyle is the key to woo everyone away with your cuteness! A pony tail has always been a hairdo every girl has tried at least once and so, it has become absolutely mainstream by now. Adding a twist to it, literally, is the trick that’s in trend this season.

How To Get Braid Wrapped Ponytail @TheRoyaleIndia

image source – www.abeautifulexchangeblog.com

All you have to do is tie your normal pony tail and leave a little hair outside. Take the hair left outside, tie a nice and tight braid around your pony and put the leftover hair back inside it. The simplicity of this beautiful look will get you some love confessions alright!

High up bun for the messy look

Messy Hair Bun @TheRoyaleIndia

A hair bun, our everyday savior, takes around just about 30 seconds to get done. A hairdo that will never go out of vogue and will look extremely sexy on everyone. After all, a woman is most beautiful when she doesn’t try at all.

High Hair Bun @TheRoyaleIndia

image source – direct-hairstyles.com

A high up bun is totally in, especially for the ones with a well-defined jaw line! Add long earrings if you like and a let the loose ends stroke your cheeks to complete the fabulous look!

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