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January 24, 2014 Eye for hair style with Google Glass @TheRoyaleIndia 656 0 0

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It is always difficult to recreate the salon magic for your hair as you honestly don’t realize what your hair stylist has done. Don’t worry! With fashion and technology coming closer every day and with the gap between the two getting blurry, hair care giant L’oreal ’s subsidiary Matrix and Google Glass have come together for a three part hairstyling tutorial called Matrix Class for Glass. Clients will be able to recreate their salonesque hairstyles from home with the celebrity stylist, George Papanikolas.

How this works-

In the first part, Matrix will release a series of video tutorials using Google Glass. In the second stage, George Papanikolas will introduce ‘Eye for Style’ chair at the Los Angeles Andy LeCompte Salon. Here the clients will receive a video copy of their hairstyling session which will in turn serve as a at-home tutorial. In the last part, Matrix will produce online classes for hair cutting, styling, colouring, finishing, etc. conducted by amateurs and celebrity stylists.

This collaboration is one of the best we have heard since 2014 started. This will also help the hairstyling students as they will be able to see the tutorial from a celebrity stylist’s perspective. L’Oreal will be introducing a Google glass application later this year. Not being able to recreate salon hair at home has always been one of the biggest life challenges. With this three part tutorial, your woes have come to an end. L’Oreal is not new to using Google Glass to help clients. It took help of this little piece of technology to cover the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid last year.

We are looking forward to shoes which can take us automatically to the nearest sale with the help of Google.

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