Guide for a romantic Valentine’s Day!

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Valentines Day is just around-the-corner, and wondering how to express your feelings to your loved one? Do not fright! Surprise him/her with a candlelit dinner or send flowers, may be you can drop a romantic note! Create the perfect Valentine’s Day using these simple suggestions, your loved one will definitely appreciate your romantic efforts.

A Goodnight Call

Goodnight call - few tips for a romantic Valentine @TheRoyaleIndia

Off late both of you have been extremely busy with your work, including weekends? Work has bogged you down that you have no time to call each other? Well, how about a late night call? Buzz him to say ‘goodnight’, we know he wouldn’t stop smiling till the next morning! Go ahead and express your feelings.

Send Flowers at Workplace

Send Flowers at Workplace this Valentines Day @TheRoyaleIndia

So, you have been surprising her with bouquets for her birthdays without fail? Well, that was so expected from you. How about sending her bunch of red roses to the office? We are sure, that’s the  kind of stuff that can make her fall in love with you all over again!

Go on a Dinner Date

Dinner Date to spice up this Valentine's Day @TheRoyaleIndia

Valentine’s day is a time to show your loved one how special they are to you. Why not a date night exclusively for two of you on this special occasion? Treat your sweet heart to tempting starters, a romantic candle-light dinner for two and end with a decadent desserts. Feed one another to make the dinner date more romantic.

Get surprised with an Unexpected Message

Surprise message - tips on a romantic Valentine's Day @TheRoyaleIndia

Imagine you’re too caught up with work with no time even to breath. Just when you are least expecting it, he sends you an SMS asking you to take ten minutes off and have lunch or simply that he’s missing you! It can make your day like nothing else can!

Write a Love Note

Write a Love Note to your Valentine @TheRoyaleIndia

You have not spent quality time with your lover in a while and have been thinking of dropping by his office/home sometime soon. Imagine that you are coming out of your office with these thoughts, you find a scrap of paper flapping against your windshield and discover that he left you a sweet note! Regardless of what’s written in it, surprises like these keep the zing alive in a relationship…

Enjoy these simple tips and enliven your relationship! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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