Google plans for Smart Watch

December 25, 2013 Smart Watch from Google @TheRoyaleIndia 690 0 0

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The watch wars are heating up fast, and Google seems to have been quietly working on a product for longer. The smart-watch is set to run on Android operating system and feature tight integration with Google Now. Meanwhile, the internet giant is reportedly looking for methods to reduce the power consumption  in an effort to cut down on frequency the wearable device would need to be charged.

Like the current Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watch 2, Google’s Smart Watch would also be capable of communicating with other devices like smartphones, while also tapping into information from the wearer’s Google account. Google is said to be in the late stages of developing its Smart Watch, which could be readied for mass production within months.

Till the smart device hits the market; lets Wait and Watch!

Image Source: koeppeldirect

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