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Google has recently announced that it has rolled out the amazing auto-enhancement feature for their videos. This feature enables you to adjust the video quality by using editing options such as cropping, auto-correcting, color stability, saturation and speech to be added in your videos (coming soon). This new feature has certainly triggered a lot of excitement amongst G+ users. The auto-enhancing feature works in sync with the videos and makes them appear more sharp and clear. Google says, the feature will automatically analyze the picture and audio quality and work accordingly over the video enhancement.

auto_enhancement_feature_google_plus @TheRoyaleIndia

Google+ will show a special pop–up banner for all the desktop users asking if they want to view the enhancements post editing. The preview will include a side-by-side comparison.

How to Use the Auto Enhancement Feature

  • Open Google+ on your Mac, Windows, Linux or Chrome OS and go to videos >> Choose more >> Auto enhancement >> options.
  • If you wish to check out the new G+ feature on your android devices, go to any video, tap on the overflow menu and then select auto-enhance option.

Google+ has already introduced this feature for their photos and now they have it for videos as well. The new auto-enhancement feature is sure to impress the users.

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