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Goa Carnival 2016: An Extravagant Celebration of Goan Culture and Life

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If you are looking to having a fun-filled time with an extravagance of colours, then Goa Carnival, also known as Viva Carnival is your place to be. Moulded after the Mardi Gras celebrations in Southern America, Goa Carnival will surely transport you to a world of music, dance and abundant fiestas of food and drinks. To be honest, you have not seen Goa, till you have seen the exuberance of Goa Carnival!

History of Goa Carnival

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Goa Carnival dates back to 1510 when Portuguese first arrived at this coastal town. Originally the festival was based on Mardi Gras (otherwise called Fat Wednesday), a Christian tradition. The 4-day celebration was marked by unrestrained fun and frolic with lavish foods and overflowing drinks, just before the month of Lent. For religious Catholics, the month of Lent signifies fasting and self-restraint which ends with Easter. Today the Goa Carnival has become more of a cultural festival, celebrating the unique Goan food, dances, music, traditions, etc.

Dates for Goa Carnival 2016

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The carnival starts on 6th February (Saturday) this year and will continue for four days till 9th February (Tuesday).

Goa Carnival Celebrations

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The carnival will commence with a spectacular parade led by King Momo. A riot of colours, the parade, features it all; dancers, fortune tellers, hawkers, men and women disguised in various characters. Types of crackers are another attraction of the procession. Breathtaking folk dances, astounding feasts and abundance of drinks are some of the things you can expect from Goa Carnival. The carnival ends with the traditional Black and Red dance, where young men and women perform dressed in red top and black trousers and skirts respectively.

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The carnival today celebrates the Goan way of life, which is a unique mixture of Indian and Western cultures. Extravagant, vibrant and stupendous; Goa Carnival reveals the very heart of Goa.


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Khell or Fell: This is basically a one-man folk plays rooted in local tradition. Artisans wear vibrant costumes and walk through the villages and streets enacting the play through Intruzachim Geetam, a traditional music form also known as Fella-Gitam. The songs are often accompanied by various musical instruments such as drums, violins, ghumats (a traditional Goan musical instrument) etc. The Fell acts, often comical in presentation but satiric in meaning add a dash of heritage and culture to the carnival.

Dolkas performance:

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Dolkas are a type of traditional Goan drums that is used heavily during the carnival. Often used as the chosen instrument for opening a play or leading a parade, you’ll find the air saturated with their beats.

Love proposal: Yes, it may sound silly, but Goa Festival is traditionally the best time to propose a woman. Thus, you will see many budding loves around the town during this time.

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Tips for travelling during Goa Carnival

Quite rightly it is the busiest time of Goa. So, if you are visiting during the festival arrange your bookings way ahead. To make your bookings at discounted prices, do visit Couponraja.

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Many hotels and resorts offer special offers and organise many festive activities during the carnival. Talk to your hotel manager and take full advantage of them. After all, it’s all about celebrating the good things in life.

Be safe and secure.

So, this is all about Goa Carnival 2016. While the town gears up to present all that it holds dear, it’s time for you to get emerged in the festivity too.

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